W.O.D. 11.9.11

"Around The World "
Perform the prescribed amount of reps at each station in 2 minute intervals. Once you have completed all the reps at one station, skip that station and move on to the next until you have done all the prescribe reps for all exercises. Move from one to the next in order and keep accurate count of reps per station.
1. 100 Calories On Rower
2. 75 Back Squat 135#/95#
3. 75 Ring Dips
4. 100 Wall Ball Shots 20#/14#
5. 50 Pull Ups

Score is total time for completion.

Community Reminder:
"Helen Meets Grace" is right around the corner. Today is the last day to sign up online (and receive a t-shirt). Registration at the door the day of the event is permitted but no t-shirts will be received.

Do you have your partner selected for the event? Use the blog to find a partner or show up and will will assign you one.

"Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now."
-Denis Waitley


Mike P said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this looks awful. Can't wait.

Dawn said...

50 pull ups...thats not gonna look pretty! I really feel myself getting stronger, I am eating healthier, and now I fit nicely into a dress I bought two months ago as motivation. I am loving Crossfit!!

Also I quit weight watchers because I was starving. I took some of Chris's advice about eating more healthy fats/nuts/meat and funny thing is that I actually lost a few pounds over the last two weeks. I am eating more calories and have seen better results in two weeks than I saw in three months on weight watchers!!

donkey said...

So basically no part of the body will work properly after this WOD. killer.

Aimee Lyons said...

There are two 1/8th left on the next cow? anyone want them? Delivery 12/14 payment due 11/11

so far I have 6 shares accounted for
Tim G
Tim H

Please let me know if I missed anyone

Tidmore said...

For anyone in the 6 a.m. class this should be appropriate to explain how it went:

Mike P said...

OMG - that was AWESOME!!!!!!

Chris P. said...

great work Dawn...doing pull ups are easier when you're lighter!

Chris P. said...

Motivation for Saturday: Rich Froning does 225# "Grace" (30 clean and jerks) in 4:49


Jason Lyons said...

wow. that destroys rob o's time if i remember correctly

Cate said...

noon results:

Kara 35:40 scaled
Dawn 41:52 scaled
Rachael 38:53 scaled
Kavin B 39:43 scaled
Jen S 44:30 scaled
Tori E 30:00 amrap
Elyse 51:53 scaled
Barb 42:23 scaled
Becky C 39:43 scaled

Olan said...


The online registration was closed this morning so we will have to register Saturday. I'm not sure my team name was appropriate anyway.

Aimee Lyons said...

Olan- I just received the list, your team name was very creative..haha!

Peterson said...

Hey Aimee, I also wanted to sign up for the event this weekend. I do not have a partner though so if anyone is still looking for an RX one let me know!

Vinny said...

6:00am results

Rebecca S - 36:40
Kristen T - 38:32
Manny - 34:00
Jay E - 25:30
Pat - 38:12
Mike S - 44:00
Nicole S - 42:20
Peterbutt - 45ish??
Megs - 36:35
Paul F - 42:24 / PUKIE
Steve Z - 30:31
Tidmore - 37:02

Mike P - 43:18

Epic WOD today guys...This one gives new meaning to the word "chipper". Way to stick with it.

Vinny said...

Yo, Peterbutt, what was your time man...you rolled this morning before I could get it from ya...please post it, if you can..


TP said...

Gabe 45:38 booya, nice work Gabrielle

Amanda G 44:00
Jackie 24:35
Rob Ph 41:14
WW 42:00
Becca 37:41
Joy 39:20
Mike F 39:26
Arin 45:57
Kathleen 36:44
Allison 32:01
Ben 44:00


Sam B 35:10 (35Backsquats)
Conn 40:10
Justin DNF, cramps
Cline 49:38
Diego 46:32
Stasie 48min
Josh 42:41
Nick 48:00
Charles 46:02
Sheng-Ching 28:00 1/2
Krista 27:48
Randy 42:00
Stone 48:00

Cline said...

That was the worst "Around the World" I've ever experienced, and I used to pay for sex.

Chris P. said...

5:30 Ring dip hatas

Chip 40:00* scaled
Miranda 40:00* scaled
Flounder 36:43 scaled
Oleg 39:57 scaled
Bekah 30:34 scaled
Kate 34:17 scaled
Katie F. 40:00* scaled
Denise 39:41 scaled
Chris S. 40:00* Rx
Vinny 31:05 Rx
Danny 33:21 Rx

*unfortunately due to another class coming in we had to cap it at 40:00. Way to hang with a super tough wod

mikefab said...

Peterson, I need a partner.
Mike Fab