W.O.D. 11.5.11

Olan's - "Bad Medicine"

Med Ball (14#/20#)

3 rounds for time
400 Meter run with medball
25 wallballs (9ft/10ft)
25 medball cleans
25 OHS with medball

Hold on to the ball throughout the whole WOD. Any rest taken with the ball on the ground is 5 burpees before picking it back up. This includes dropped Wall Balls. Med Ball Cleans will be touch and go from the ground. The ball cannot be rested on another object. During rest, the medicine ball must be held on the "person".

...and don't forget, the Bon Jovi song "Bad Medicine" will be playing on a loop until you finish.

(compare to 10.1.10)

Community Notes/Question:Would anyone want another pick the WOD contest? For the record that's where "Bad Medicine" originated.


"Either you run the day or the day runs you."
-Jim Rohn


donkey said...

That sound you hear is the sound of the entire gym crying in pain. From the ears.

Melanie said...

9am Bad Medicine

Stasie 32:26 (8# + 5 burpees)
Brad 21:22 (DC)
Flounder 29:20 (14#)
Ken 35:01 (14#)
Oleg 27:35 RX
Jason B. 20:58 RX
Sheng-Ching 32:06 (row/10#/8ft)
Susan 29:54 RX
Rachel 29:19

10am Olan’s Favorite Song

Katie 26:09 (row/6#)
Schell 32:34 (row/10#)
Cate 19:42 RX
Craig 24:23 RX (visitor from sunny LA)
Jess 34:12 (12#)
Josh 24:07 RX
Tracy 25:21 (10# + 5 burpees)
Olan 28:48 RX
Kristin T. 21:40 RX
Tamas 29:41 (DC)

Great work everyone. I don’t think I want to hear that song for at least another year. Remember, this WOD was created by Olan and won the most votes in last years competition. Be sure to submit your WOD ideas so we can vote for you’re the WOD that you create!!

JL said...

Go cate! Taking 5 minutes off your time! Hotdiggity

Jon Schell said...

Death by Thrusters and then Bad Medicine. My cardio usually holds me back but today it was straight up quad pain.

Cate said...

Ok, I love to make wods. I guess if I'm the only one, we'll have to do mine!!

The Queen's Revenge:

Carrying a 65/95 lb bar on your back, 400 m walking lunge. Every third step, you must do a push press. You may push directly from your back.

Katie V. said...

Definitely pushed through that one... UGH! Olan is really an evil genius. I have been thinking about a wod that would compare... Cate, yours looks brutal like a mofo! Would that be for time?

Tamas said...

Here's my submission. I love the 'remainder' format I picked up in Asia:

Little China Girl's Warmup
3 times 5 min rounds of;

- 9 Hang Squat Cleans (65/95)
- 15 Hands-free pushups
- 21 Situps

in the remaining time:
- As many reps as possible of Ground to overhead (65/95)

Score is the combined ground to overheads from the three 5 min rounds. No rest between rounds. In the Hang cleans you can rest in hang position but cannot rest on the ground.

Cate said...

Definitely for time!!

donkey said...

Tamas: what is your time domain? 20 min? 15? also what is a hands-free pushup...was it handstand or something else?

Tamas said...

Donkey- I meant hands-release pushup.
15 mins total (3x5mins).

Stephanie Vincent said...

Lol- I was trying to wrap my mind a round a hands free push up!!

JL said...

Cate's workout would make people cry. Coach had Greg A try a 400m walking lunge and every ten steps he had to do ten thrusters with 95. At 50 some minutes Coach pulled the pull and Greg was not done. Just an FYI.

Cate said...

Jason, there will be a 25 burpee penalty for anyone who cries during the Wod. It's supposed to be hard!!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about it all weekend and finally came up with my WOD..


5 rounds for time:

20' rope climb
15 overhead med ball squats (14#20#)
15 box jumps (20"/24")
Monkey Bars

I think that if Tarzan had a training program for his jungle skills... this is what it would consist of.

-- Katie V.

Joy N said...

Oh Joy! (can be said with excitement or sarcasm)
For Time
-70 -Air Squats
-60 -Wall Ball Sit-ups (10#/14#)
-50 - Walking Lunges (25 L/25 R)
-40 - Wall Ball Sit-ups (10#/14#)
-30 - Wall Balls(14#8ft,20#,10 ft)
-20 -Wall Ball Sit-ups (10#/14#)
-10 -Burpees