W.O.D. 11.8.11

Power Snatch

Rope Climbs

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."
- Albert Einstein


TP said...

6am Snatch w/ Power

Jay E 155
Kristin T 75
Paul F 130
Doreen 80
Nicole S 75
Pat P 125
Lee 100
Mike S 90
Rebecca 55
Steve Z 73

Nice first rope climb Rebecca !

Dorothy said...

I really tried to do those cleans at 105 yesterday. I really really tried. But after failing my second rep and barely getting the next one, I stripped off the 10lb plates. I could barely stand up and thinking about 33 more reps made me realize I wasn't going to get though this as Rx.

So my question is.....
At what point should I have removed the weight? Did I bail too soon? I am notoriously conservative. I would like to have a rule to follow in the future rather than allowing my own wimpiness decide for me.


Cate said...

9:30 results

Keith 165
Kevin 145
Meg B 70
Katie V 70
Jon S 155
Chris T 80
Tamas 117.5
Lindsey 85

JL said...


Remember that intensity is everything so if you are going slow, it is prolly too much weight.

donkey said...

Dorothy: Agreed with Jason. If you're struggling from the second or third rep, strip the weights.

For everyone: as you think about what weights to you, if you're familiar enough with your strength/PRs, you should always be thinking about what time domain you are shooting for. Sometimes it's ok to go a little bit longer if you're really chasing a particular skill or weight, but if you have to choose between a 5 minute Fran and a 25 minute Fran just to get the Rx, you're not thinking about it the right way.

Byrnsey said...

WOD suggestion

Amazing Race WOD:

Complete a challenge as a team of 2 in the box. Get a clue for your next station that is 400m to 800m away. Once you get to that spot you get your next challenge. Complete it for the next clue. Run to next location and repeat above. The 6th and final station will be back at the box for the final challenge and winning team. This WOD is a team WOD that requires skill, endurance and intelligence and is much like the "Amazing Race format" but with some sick challenges. I would pick the 6 challenges and locations with the coaches if selected.
This one would be a blast!!!
Kevin B.
All in Favor!!

Cate said...

Kevin that sounds awesome.

Charles said...

Chasing RX is the root of all evil. I learned that in my 24 minute Karen RX attempt. Scaling is an art form. Remember that we are *training* here. After a while, you will know where you can or should pull back or charge ahead on, but I always ask a coach if I'm not sure.

Bo said...

I can assure you that I don't have a chasing rx problem. I have a scaling problem. I constantly underestimate what I can do and end up taking it easy.

My question isn't where to start with the weigh or whether to scale or not. My question is when is it ok to take weigh off in the middle of a WOD. How hard is too hard?
After 1 failed attempt? 2? Should I at least finish the round before I dump weight?

donkey said...


As Jason said, if you're moving like your feet are in concrete and it's not because of some other reason (you ate poorly, you're recovering from something, etc), you've gone too heavy. The beginning of a WOD, at the very least, should be like you're shot out of a cannon. If you're hearing everyone around you moving faster than you, and you know you're giving it your all, you should scale your effort immediately.

Conversely, for those who go conservative on the weights, if you're flying through and you're not using Rx weights, don't be afraid to add extra plates. there's nothing wrong with being first, but if you're killing it twice as fast as everyone else, (CAVEAT: AND YOUR FORM IS SPOT-ON) go ahead and go heavier. It won't kill you.

TP said...

430 Results

JZ 105
Joe C 135
Nathan 55
Mark C 75
Steph 125 PR
Gabriella 115sloppy/105nice
Diego 115
Dawn 55

Aimee Lyons said...

Kev- great idea!

Dorothy/BO- often depends on the end goal. I would have had to have seen your performance to determine the best option. I've seen you at 110 before... So I know you "could" do it! Question would remian if you had it that day? I missed this one so if you wanted to attack it next open gym I'd be ready to see ya and help you scale appropriately.

Mike P said...

@ Byrnsey - I LIKE IT!!!

Olan said...

Shout out to Shoeless who threw around some impressive weight tonight and made the board with a 175lb snatch!

Aimee Lyons said...

shoeless- l-e-g-i-t

Chris P. said...

Cline 120
LP ?
Ditty 65
Charles 103
Nick 115
Jess C 80.5
Lisa 65

kudos to Nick who climbed the rope legless wearing a 35# vest

7:30 XFit Lite
these ladies found a 1RM push press and then used 40% in a mini-metcon:
AMRAP in 5 min.
5 push press
sprint 10 yds
5 box jumps

Leslie 80#, 7 rounds + 5pp+2bj (13" box)
Laura 67.5#, 8 rounds (17" box)
Kathy 52.5# 7 rounds (6.5" plates)

strong work ladies!

Cline said...

I should have a DS next to my 120.

Laura Pappas said...

5:30pm results

Tim H 115
Olan 155
Denise 75
Katie 70
Chris S. 155
Pete 98
Erika 75
Jen S 95
Shoeless 175

Congrats to Erika for getting up the rope the first time tonight!

Stephanie Vincent said...

those xfit lite ladies are AWESOME!!

Cline what is DS?