Paleo for Performance
Learn about the Paleo diet, what it is, and how it can improve your athletic performance, make you "look better naked" and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Join Laura Pappas of Crossfit KoP and Larry Palazzolo of Crossfit Delaware Valley for this 1 hour workshop.

In the talk you will learn about:
Overall health benefits of the Paleo diet
Daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate recommendations
Eating for athletic performance and recovery
Nutrient timing related to activity
Importance of lifestyle factors: sleep and stress

Free for KoP Fundamentals Nutrition Session & Crossfit DelVal Elements
$15 for CrossFit Delaware Valley and CrossFit King of Prussia members
$25 for guests

Monday 11/28 at 8pm Crossfit King of Prussia
Monday 12/9 at 8pm Crossfit Delaware Valley
Monday 12/19 at 8pm Crossfit King of Prussia

Community Notes:
For CFKoP athletes who have completed fundamentals in the last three months and not used the Nutrition session (with Laura) from that package, this is your opportunity. All other members the talk will be $15 and for guests $25.

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