It's already Turkey Time...What's going on at CrossFit next week?

11/23 Wednesday - Classes as usual except we are planning to cancel the 6:30PM class. If you have any objections post to comments and we will reevaluate if more than 4 athletes want to attend.

11/24 Thursday - 8 AM class ONLY. The Amazing CrossFit Race. Bring a partner or a friend/family member to the workout. No partner? We will pair you up when you arrive!

You will receive clues and mini workouts at each stop along your adventure - the team to reach the final stop first and complete the workout wins! Plan on a slightly longer class than normal.

If you feel like running join Coach T.Pappas in Chesterbrook at 8:45 AM for the Seven Summits 5k Turkey Trot. Click here to register and find more out about this event.

11/25 Friday - 10AM Friends and Family day. All welcome, let someone new experience CrossFit on us!

11/26 Saturday - Normal schedule 9/10AM classes & 11 AM Barbell Strength.

11/27 Sunday - Normal schedule 9AM & 10AM.


Megs said...

Looks like that turkey just met Helen and Grace

TP said...


Mike P 22/7
Kristin T 5/16
Megs 8/13

John K 20/5 D.C.

Becca 3/14
Tidmore 9/14
Kate K 10/12
Gina 5/12
Pat P 4/10
Dianne 3/9
Paul F 2/11
Mike S 0/14
King 6/10

Nice work sticking thru this one for 30min. Remember, once you "fail" (we're all winners) the workout then becomes an AMRAP for the time remaining. Congrats to Katie K and Gina for their first CrossFit workout and going the extra mile to fight thru it.

Mike P said...

. . . . not sure, but I actually think I kipped a pullup today.

Cline said...

I'm looking forward to next year's Barbells for Boobs.

"Helen Meets Grace While Randy Watches In The Corner"

Arin said...

For that Friday, I have a few friends interested, do you want a head count or anything prior to?

Aimee Lyons said...

Arin - no need for a head count, but thanks, they just need to fill out a waiver upon arrival