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K-Holes doing what they do...

The Best Team from KoP

Once again, the CrossFit community has made us say WOW! We pulled into the parking lot at 8:30AM and discovered that we were the tenth car there...at that point in time, we should have known that this event was going to be MUCH bigger than we anticipated. This year, we had nearly 175 people go through the workout! That is simply incredible and this entire event would not have been possible with out all of you. A GIGANTIC thank you goes out to those that helped solicit gifts, helped judge, helped with the scoring, helped with the parking, helped with the cleaning and most importantly, helped in raising funds for a cause that has affected so many of us. The exact number is still in question due to the on-line donations but we know that we raised somewhere over $7,000.00 for Mammograms in Action. That is almost $3,000 more than last year and it would not have been possible without you. It is refreshing to know that it is possible to have fun while raising more for a great cause. You will never know who you helped directly but know that you are helping countless women detect and more important DEFEAT breast cancer. We are extremely proud of our community and all of those that joined us...there may be more that we missed (sorry) but thanks go to CrossFit's Phoenixville, Aspire, Inspire, Apex, Tribe, Love, Manayunk and Explode! It was a great event and we look very much to making it even bigger and better next year!
---Aimee and Jason

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Crossfit KOP for allowing me to work out there on Friday. I was in town from Miami, and I appreciate your hospitality. If any of you are ever down my way, please stop by Crossfit Gables, and I'm sure you will be treated as well as I was. Thank again, Emilio

donkey said...

Emilio: a pleasure to have you join our Friday night crew!

All: over 7K???? That's KILLER. What a wonderful way to give back. I couldn't believe when I walked in and there were as many people there as we had for sectionals 2 years ago. Just goes to show the quality of people we have in our community who come together when it matters.

Such a great, great day.