W.O.D. 10.5.11

"Wonder twins"

Rotate 1 minute at each station for 3 Rounds
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Hip Extension
Ground to Shoulder Atlas Stone (90/150#)
AB-MAT Sit-up
Wall Ascent (6/8ft)
Monkey Bars
Box Jump (20/24")
Air Squat
50 ft Farmers Carry (loaded on M - 45# each side) (loaded on L - 25# each side)

Coaches Notes:
You can start at any of the stations and rotations should be done on the minute.

Community Notes:
Meet Coach Pappas tonight for CF Endurance @ 6:30pm at the Upper Merion Track.
Thursday's open gym will run from 5:30PM to 7:30PM.

Tamas gets his first Muscle Ups - 15 to be exact! Congrats Tamas!
Click here to see the video.

"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
-Thomas Alva Edison


Anonymous said...

5:30 Open Gym? Aw nuts! No 800m burpees for me...I should be thrilled about it but I'm not...weird....

donkey said...

way to go, Tamas! so happy to see this video. you don't just do something once, do you :)

Vinny said...


John K
Mike S
Kristin T
Rebecca S

Awesome job this morning! 6:00am crew left nothing on the table...John K and Rebecca S, welcome to CrossFit Kop!!

TomH said...

Tamas, great vid. Hardcore training in the basement with your head just fitting between the beams. Inspiring! Way to go -- no excuses permitted, obstacles overcome.

Dorothy said...

Nice Job Tamas! That's awesome. I love that you have a whiteboard in your little corner of the basement too. Also, I love that last smile. very inspiring.

Laura Pappas said...

Wow Tomas - 15 muscle ups!! Awesome work.

Anyone interested in the Pocono Mountain Half Ironman recap - check out my blog post - most photos are from Coach Chris!

Tamas said...

Thanks to Vinny who showed me the muscle up kip first... I'm out here at CF Palo Alto doing "Coe" this morning. Maybe not Atlas stones, but fun anyways...

Mike P said...

Nice work Tamas!

Cate said...

a lot of hard work from the noon class!!

Mark (welcome!)
Kevin B
Tom H

lots of pr's on the stones but a special shout out to Kevin B for his first time on the 150 lb stone!

Mike P said...

I looooooooooooooooooooooove these type of WODs!

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30 One Word

Athletes scored themselves with one word. No hyphens and no contractions. Compound words allowed. (Some applied that rule liberally)

Paige "Phils"
Shawn "Sal"
James "Cadillac"
Flounder "Griptastic"
Kate "bleh"
Sandy "awesomesauce"
Mike P. n/a but coach appointed "Doubletime"
Lizzie "mono"
"Xtra" Randy
Ernie "nipples"
Sharon "backnanamous"
Minjoo "oorah!"
Conn "snow"
Zac "prestigeworldwide"
Akeem "speechless"
Sheng Ching "waddle"
Miranda "BAMF"
Josh "Kamari"
Justin K. "wowsers"

not every round had perfect rotations, but I'd rather a little confusion with high intensity than the opposite. nice work folks, esp. those getting over the wall for the first time.

Mike P said...

@ Kate . . . "bleh"???! Really??? That was some serious badassery! Getting over the 8ft wall was pretty damn impressive.