W.O.D. 10.14.11

Tori (with baby on board) cruise through the WOD!

Nooners take the burpee to another level- one foot above reach!

800M Run
21 Burpees
42 Air Squats
400M Run
15 Burpees
30 Air Squats
800M Run
9 Burpees
18 Air Squats

"If you'd like to be good at something, the first thing out the window should be the notion of perfection."
- Scott Berkun

Megs 16:24
Bekah 18:23
Mike P. 13:57
Mike S. 20:30
Kristin T. 14:23
Pooch 18:22
Howard 23:24
Dorothy 18:30
Olan 17:56 (takes the W today) (1ft)
Cate 16:22
Mike V. 15:28 (1ft)
Becky 23:15
Tom H. 13:23
Brian R. 18:18 (1ft)
JB 19:26 (1ft)
Jason 18:11
Josh 15:29 (1ft)
Dan G 17:19
Lee 18:08
Arin 21:17
Kate 14:45 (1ft)
Joe C 19:41
Oleg 16:29
Nicole G: 23:51
J. Na: 22:47
Jen S: 17:28
Rachael: 19:50
Sam B: 12:54
Lisa C: 22:17
Justin 16:17
Nick: 17:10

Manny 26:38
Dianne 26:30
Becca N. 20:22
Rebecca S. 19:54
Kelly 23:26
Stasie 30:32
Paul 22:36
Kathleen 22:10
Tori 24:16
WW 19:18
Conn: 20:28 DC
Borden 21:31 DC
Miranda 18:27 subbed situps for squats
Cline: 18:18


Peterson said...

That running distance does not match the rep scheme! That is all.

Aimee Lyons said...

Peterson- What?

Jason Lyons said...

lay off the pipe peterson...don't get all whiny that it went back to 800 and not down to 200. get tough. lol

Unknown said...

Haha what Jason said. I'll be doing this WOD in San Francisco, it's perfect for traveling!

Mike P said...

That was fun!

Jeff said...

6AM Rise and Shiners (with the optional 3 min max DU or SU cash-out):


Megs 16:24/103 DU
Bekah 18:23/ 200 SU, 1 min DU attempts
Mike P. 13:57/238 SU
Mike S. 20:30/220 SU
Kristin T. 14:23/60 DU
Pooch 18:22/205 SU barefoot
Howard 23:24/200 SU


Manny 26:38/practice
Dianne 26:30
Becca N. 20:22/255 SU
Rebecca S. 19:54/170 SU

Nice work everyone, way to finish strong on the burpees and air squats! Welcome back Howard!!!

Peterson said...

Haha. I don't mind the extra 800 at the end! It was more of an OCD thing for me. 21-15-9 (42-30-18) 800-400-800. Just seemed like it was a little lopsided! :-P

Melanie said...

This has MIke P's name written ALL OVER IT!

Aimee Lyons said...

haha Peterson, we will take your OCD into consideration when programming in the future! Enjoy the WOD!

Jeff said...

Peterson, if it makes you feel better, just run 200m 4 times.

Peterson said...

Good point Jeff! It has the rep/distance scheme I want PLUS an extra 600m! Awesome!

Charles said...

What ever happened to unknown and unknowable? Life is not always in perfect 21-15-9 proportions. Embrace the insanity.

Oh, by the way, last night I found out that 4x400 runs are probably the worst thing on the planet. That is all.

Kathleen said...

Welcome back Howard!!!! Nothing like coming back to the rise-n-sine class. Can't wait to see at the box!

Mike P said...

@ Melanie - indeed! I can't wait to see how the P.M. classes CRUSH this!

Brad said...

Doing this as a pyramid at the track: 200/400/800/1600/800/400/200, 9/15/21/42/21/15/9, 18/30/42/84/42/30/18.

Joy N said...

Aimee did you get my wam log? Just wanted to make sure I sent it to the right place.

donkey said...

530: "We'd like to practice kipping and cleans for our cashout, please"

Oleg 16:29 Rx
Nicole G: 23:51 Rx + first ever UNASSISTED kipping pull up!!! WAY TO GO!


Conn: 20:28 DC / practice DU
Borden 21:31 DC / practice DU
Miranda 18:27 Rx~subbed situps for squats/ 455 SU
J. Na: 22:47 Rx / 200 SU
Jen S: 17:28 Rx / no cashout thank you
Rachael: 19:50 Rx / 52 DU
Sam B: 12:54 Rx / 90 DU
Lisa C: 22:17 Rx~Run & Run/ 302 SU
Justin 16:17 Rx / 314 SU
Nick: 17:10 Rx / 304 SU
Cline: 18:18 / "I'm too awesome for your cashout"

Fun night with the Peterson confusion rep scheme. Saw a lot of people pushing themselves not to quit, to keep moving even when they wanted to stop. Nice effort, gang.

Westside Crew <3 Bulgarian Split Squats and weighted walking lunges.

Aimee Lyons said...

Joy - I have the log and it was one of the most entertaining I've gotten in awhile, loved the comments and photos! Congratulations on job well done!

Cline said...

@Donkey - I think you're sweet on me. Next time I'll invite you to supervise my shower cashout.

Also, I did it Rx with an extra 15 penalty burpees right after finishing.

TomH said...

Just read the scores -- it was 18:23 for Tom H, not 13:23.