W.O.D. 10.31.11

A stocky muscular carnivore, with a reputation for ferocity, strength and speed...

6 Rounds for time of:
10 Clean and Jerks 135#/95#
20 Pull-ups
100 Sit-ups
1 Lyons Loop Run (approx 600M)

or the...

4 Rounds for time of:
10 Clean and Jerks 95#/65#
20 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
400M Run

(compare to 10.29.10)

Community Notes:
Starting at 3:30PM, we will have an open running evening since this WOD takes longer to complete then normal workouts. Arrive at anytime between 3:30PM & 6:30PM but plan to be finished by 7:30PM. We will run things similar to a regular class for "start" times. Costumes are welcome and encouraged!
7:00AM and 9:30AM classes will run as normal, please select the WOD most fitting to your level and ability.

Addicted to Exercise by Nicholas D. Kristof

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.
~Emily Dickinson

Rx Wolverines:
Mike V. 55:30
Aimee 66:40
Cate 64:12
Kurt 70:08
Vinny 67:19
Mike P 86:45
Brian R. 80:04
Kristin T: 67:43
Sam B: 53:06
Dom 69:33

Scale Wolverines:
Gabe 72:55 (115#)
Josh S 74:37 (115#, blue band)
Travis 81:54 (95#/band)
Rob Ph 78:17 (blkband)
Brad 70:52 (85#)
Lee 82:27 (75#/Blk)

Megs 28:10
Rebecca S 32:52 (35#, green+MF)
Paul F 37:07 (purple)
Susan 39:17 (pu-scale)
Kara 40:09 (pu-scale)
Chris T. 40:07 (pu-scale)
Jon S 57:14 (135# cub)
Joe C. 47:75
Becky 32:59
Peterbutt 31:49
Lindsey 34:17
Dorothy 38:41 (95#)
Jackie 40:47 (35#/KBS/band)
Becca 39:30 (45/band)
Diego 32:00 (65#/jump)
Kathleen 40:24 (63#/red)
Joe A 46:58, Rx
Randy 43:22, 95/Black
Luke 37:29, Rx
Danielle 30:14, ??
KSB: 40:43, 65/Rx
J.Na: 47:18, 65/Green
JZ was 34:??
Miranda 37:52 (95#)

Photos from another normal day at CrossFit KoP??!?!!

Peterbutt - no description needed

Anyone remember Kurt??
Well, he's back and yes did the entire WOD in those gloves!
Travis - What are you?
SPIDEY - aka Lee
OMG what is this?
I found it on Facebook, does anyone know this invader?
"Baby got back"
So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playin' workout tapes by Fonda
But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda
My anaconda don't want none
Unless you've got buns, hun
You can do side bends or sit-ups,
But please don't lose that butt

Kristin T = Wonder Woman!


Jeff said...

6AM cubs:

Megs 28:10
Rebecca S 32:52 (35#, green+MF)
Paul F 37:07 (purple)

Nice job on this cold morning! Way to keep the intensity up, and congrats to Megs for a huge 6 minute PR!

Tidmore said...

If anyone has an interest, i am gonna do the wolverine for the open wod on thursday - too hectic with no electricity and halloween to be able to get there tonight.

Cline said...

Not a lot of chatter going on here. Everyone must be working on their costumes for tonight.

donkey said...

did you folks know that the Wolverine and Honey Badger are related? they're both Mustelids. it's true, wiki says so.


Nina said...

I may join you on Thursday too Tidmore.. keyword = MAY since I really need to get this kipping thing down..it's starting to drive me insane.. Good Job and Good Luck everyone on this! Wish I could be there!!

Jeff said...

4:30PM-ish class and then some:


Kurt 70:08
Vinny 67:19
Mike P 86:45


Gabe 72:55 (115#)
Jon S 57:14 (135# cub)
Joe C. 47:75 (cub)
Becky 32:59 (cub)
Peterbutt 31:49 (cub)
Lindsey 34:17 (cub)
Josh S 74:37 (115#, blue band)
Travis 81:54 (115#)

Mike P said...

Oh that was awful . . . can't wait to do it again next year.

donkey said...

630 (assumes clock resets @90min and not 84)


Kristin T: 67:43 Rx
Sam B: 53:06 Rx
Dom 69:33 Rx


Joe A 46:58, Rx
Randy 43:22, 95/Black
Luke 37:29, Rx
Danielle 30:14, ??
KSB: 40:43, 65/Rx
J.Na: 47:18, 65/Green

Love the cheering for each other--nice teamwork tonight. Way to finish this one, people...cub or full...a tough, tough WOD.

Travis said...

Aimee- I am a formal crossfitter, what else would I be.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff--I think you missed my time...Lee

Aimee Lyons said...

Lee - I gotcha, sorry about that.

Miranda said...

JZ and I did the Cub rx together. I used the mens weight (95#)
JZ was 34:??
Miranda 37:52

Dorothy said...

You had to beat me didn't you. I guess I should have done more WODding and less dancing.

Good job! I'll get you next time.

Miranda said...

My mantra during that wod, was "I must beat Dorothy, must beat Dorothy..." lol, I didnt even have a stop watch by me.

Honey Badger said...

Dorothy no longer exists. Enter Bo!

The cub is scaled silly rabbits. Do not chase the Rx. Grrrrr

Jon Schell said...

That was a lot of fun today. A real ass-kicker of a workout and a bunch of awesome costumes.

Good fun!

Aimee Lyons said...

This was the best year of Costumes yet! Sorry I missed the ones later in the evening!
Miranda, it must have been that "lucky" ring I gave you!

Vinny said...

5:30 + Start time

Rx Wolverines
Kate C 61:16 Rx
Danny 62:57 Rx
Charlie 62:42 Rx
Anthony 64:07 Rx
Gaetano 57:08 Rx

Scaled Cubs:
Alison 27:58 (black)
Bekah 29:29 (Blue)
Sandy 39:09 (55#,green,row)
Flounder 36:17 (95#/black)
Tim H 38:01 (95#/green)
Justin 44:52 (115#)
Cline 66:43 (95#/Green)

Jen S 34:14
Charles 45:50
Rachel 38:00

Vinny said...

On behalf of the coaches for tonight, I'd like to apologize for any confusion regarding the timing for this WOD. After the final athletes finished, I conferred in detail with the other coaches to ensure the recorded times accuracy.

mikefab said...

Congrats to everyone who completed the Wolverine. Welcome to the club.

Cline said...

If I did 6 rounds, but scaled the pullups/c&j, shouldn't tha make me a Scaled Wolverine?

Also, you're welcome Donkey.

Also also, nothing like a body suit and a weekend of drinking to remind you there's still a LOT of work left to do to overcome a LOT of lazy years.

Peterson said...

Thank god me and Cline weren't in the same class. I wouldn't want to have to watch that while driving on Dekalb...

Denise said...

My time was missed too. I don't remember what my time was but I did the cub with MF and 65#.


Cline said...

Peterson, I'm just glad we weren't in the same class for the sake of the ladies. Their times would have suffered and one or two of them may have dropped the barbell on their head.