W.O.D. 10.22.11

"there's no place like home"

Mike S....squatting!

Jess C. - ZEN magic

...and they're off!

"Squa-tober fest"
6 Round for time of:
400M Run
50 Air Squats
25 Jumping Lunges

Meet and Park at Frosty Falls for a 10AM adventure WOD with Aimee & Jason.

CrossFit King of Prussia will be closed for regular classes today due to an Olympic lifting certification being hosted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

"What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle."
- Joe Paterno


Jess C. 42:02
Lynne 35:32
Kristin T. 31:57
Rhonda 35:17
Sam B. 26:52
Kevin B. 27:59
Tim H. 38:51
Tracy 36:18
KSB 33:39 (5rds)
Jna 31:30 (4rds)
Erika 36:26
Flounder 36:54
Cline 38:56
Joy 42:34
Mike S. 38:44

1 comment:

Cline said...

I say this with all due affection, but if tomorrow's Adventure WOD requires any more leg work than walking to and from my car, I'm going to burn Crossfit KOP to the ground. Hugs!