Form Follows Function:

Replacing the Old Beliefs with Your New Way of Thinking

FREE CLASS! Sunday, November 6th at 4pm

You now KNOW that what your body can DO is what counts.
However you find the scale can still ruin your day & your clothing size often correlates with your satisfaction with your body.

Join Stephanie Vincent, CFKoP Athlete and Professional Life Coach for a discussion about aligning your thoughts and behaviors with your new belief that the function of your body is what should matter. Stephanie will outline some important concepts that are essential to replacing your new beliefs with your old way of thinking.

To register for the class visit http://www.radicalhateloss.com/p/workshops-writing.html


TrishaLou said...


Great to see this class on the KOP blog! Totally wish I could be involved over there with you east coasters :) Miss all the great energy at that box.

Keep doing great things!


Stephanie Vincent said...

thanks Trish- its such an important conversation!

Miss you girl!!