What goes on at our CrossFit Kids classes?
Whiteboard for Ages 5-8 - 3:45 PM Thursdays

Whiteboard for Kids Ages 8 - 14 - 2:30PM Sunday

Launch of our Teen's program - Steve's Club King of Prussia
Thursday 6:30PM & Sunday 1:30PM

You probably want to know whether weight training is safe for kids. We believe it is, when done under proper supervision. In fact, we’ve found research showing it’s safer than a lot of other sports out there. Not only that, but we believe it’s a great way for kids to learn athletic fundamentals, improve the way they move, and develop neural pathways that will help them down the road.

To be clear, we’re not talking about max lifts or pushing kids to exhaustion. Not by a long shot. Our first order of business is safety, and we focus on proper form. With the younger kids, we oftentimes don’t ask them to use weights at all.

Please contact crossfitkop@gmail.com with more questions or pass this information along to parents. First class is a FREE trial to any interested kids!

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