W.O.D. 3.8.11

"The stretch"- Donkey's Mobility work at it's finest!

"Does your mouth guard come with a matching purse?"

Arthur on the 8 foot wall- "I'm king of the castle"

Buy in:
10 Wall Ascents (6ft ladies/8ft men)

As many reps as possible in 7 Minutes of:
Push Press (65#/95#)

Double Under Test:
Take 10 minutes to find out how many Double Unders you can do unbroken. Will you get on the 100 DU board?

"Are Carbs More Addictive Than Cocaine?" from Details.

Community Events:
T & P adventures will now be held at 10AM on both Saturday March 12 & Sunday March 13th to accommodate the Spring time change and all you sleepyheads! Meet and park at Frosty Falls.

"Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice."
- Samurai maxim

Pete 86 (Rx)
Seth 70 (Rx)
Arthur 72 (65#)
Chris 79 (45#)
Kara 70 (45#)
Kailee 75 (45#)
Rob P. 120 (Rx)/32
Jay E. 110 (Rx)/3 PR!
Ditty 38 (Rx)/10w/hop; 5 PR!
Shawn 94 (Rx)/10
Donkey 64 (Rx)/2
Sharon 83 (55#)/16 PR!
Tony 128 (Rx)/30w/hop; 6 PR!
Jon 77 (75#)/3 PR!
Lizzie 70 (55#)/44 PR!
Jen S. 100 (Rx)/55
Killer B: 59 (Rx)/19
Karen: 70F (55#)/8
Christine: 50 (45#)/2
Dorothy: 70 (Rx)/26
Nikki: 105F (Rx)/125
Laura: 90F (Rx)/100
Aimee: 136F (Rx)/75
Gina: 77 (45#)/Practice
Jen N: 90 (35#)/14
Sarah J: 45 (45#)/4
Sam B: 116 (Rx)/20
Jim C: 73 (Rx)/28
Shoeless: 72 (Rx)/25
Kevin: 88 (Rx)/52
Miranda: 93 (Rx)/50
Denise: 65 (55#)/8
Katie F: 70 (45#)/5
Kurt: 92 (Rx)/70
Steph: 107 (Rx)/17
Mike F: 94 (Rx)/22
Roman: 80 (Rx)/8
Kerry L: 83 (43#)/6
Plentus: 125 (Rx)/126
Chris S: 108 (Rx)/3
Paul: 101 (85#)/20
Peterson: 71 (Rx)/43
Nicole S: 64 (Rx)/Ponytail

Wall Climbers for the first time!
Aimee: 8'
Laura: 8'
Killer B: 6'
Jen N: 6"
Mike F: 8'
Jay E
Pete: 8'
Arthur: 8'
Kailee: 6'
Nicole S: 6'
Kerry L: 6'
Denise: 6'
Miranda: 6'
Anyone Else????


Danny said...

Is anyone going or interested in going to CrossFit Explode's open house this Saturday? WOD of the day starts at noon.

Nikki said...

Hey Danny - I was interested in going to that too, but I just found out my parents are going to visit on Saturday.

Melinda said...


I would be interested in going. If you are definitely in, let me know. I could use a break from studying all weekend.

karen largent said...

i might try to make that, i haven't figured out my saturday yet!

Megs said...

I am interested in going!!

Charles said...

That sounds like a plan to me.

Danny said...

Well I am definitely in. This is from the invite i received:

***SATURDAY MARCH 12th 11:00am OPEN HOUSE***

Saturday March 12th 2011 we will be having an Open House at the NEW CrossFit Explode, 540 E. Union St. West Chester, PA. Bring out your family and friends!

We will kick it off in style with the Workout of the Day at 12pm that promises to be CF Explode worthy. Followed by plenty of food and beverage of your choice.

Peterson said...

Man, I wish I could go. I love food and beverage.

Have fun guys.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Cate said...

9:30 results:

Pete 86 rx
Seth 70 rx
Arthur 72 (65)
Chris 79 (45)
Kara 70 (45)
Kailee 75 (45)

Congrats for firsts:
to Pete on the 8 foot wall, Arthur on the 8, and Kailee on the 6!

Chris P. said...

6:30 Foot-Pound-ers

first number is push press wod reps, then (weight), then consecutive double unders.

Rob P. 120(Rx)/32
Jay E. 110(Rx)/3 PR!
Ditty 38(Rx)/10w/hop; 5 PR!
Shawn 94(Rx)/10
Donkey 64(Rx)/2
Sharon 83(55)/16 PR!
Tony 128(Rx)/30w/hop; 6 PR!
Jon 77(75)/3 PR!
Lizzie 70(55)/44 PR!
Jen S. 100(Rx)/55

wow, a whole lot going on tonight. A bunch of first-time wall climbers: Sharon, Jay E., and Jon (anyone else?)

and a whole lot of double under PRs as seen above. Most of these are first time consecutive du's so it will be very fun to see you all progress very quickly. Nice job!

Chris P. said...

6:30 was a No Clock Crowd AND all got F's. For FLOOR!

Chris P. said...

3rd post:

Sharon - 6'
Jay E. - 8'
Jon - 8'

Jim Curran said...

First wall climb today