We are publishing the Holiday Schedule early in order to help you with your planning needs for the upcoming season!

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Steph v said...

Anyone got a wod in mind at open gym tonight? Is he hopper deck available?

Jason Lyons said...


I think the true value of an open gym lies more in the realm of practice than doing a workout. If I were going, I would do a small workout but I would do so to act as a warm-up for a skill session. Many of us need practice on:

1) upright squats
2) full depth (squat, push-up, dip)
3) MU transitions
4) eliminating early arm bend
5) practicing pose
6) practicing rowing technique
7) kipping practice

The list can go on and on. I do not have a muscle-up and the number one reason that I do not is because I do not practice them enough. It is as simply as that. When I was practicing 50 transitions a day, I came very close and got up and over and since I stopped, I am no where near one now. Although continually reminded, not all of us practice when we leave the gym. If you are going and there is not a workout to be done, do not be afraid to PRACTICE. It is something we ALL need more of. Just my two cents.

Charles said...

I think that I'm going to take Jeff's advice and do the baseline. I probably should have done it at the beginning of coming here and the beginning of whole 30, but better late than never, I guess.

I'm going to warm up with some double unders. ;)

Dorothy said...

Anyone interested in running a 5K on Thanksgiving? I am doing this one in Chesterbrook.


Dorothy said...

Steph: I hope to see a status update tonight that you did your first Double Under. Wear jumpy sneakers.

Jeff said...

Charles, also take Jason's advice and work on a skill, it's a great time to do this. I will be working the baseline and some strength, but plan to work on a skill as well. Can't wait!

Chris P. said...

Hey folks

I can program some WODs if you want, but yes, it's also a great time to get quality practice time in. (even mobility/stretching!) Coaches will be around to offer help.

Meighan said...

Dorothy - I saw that last night and am interested!

Peterson said...


Are you telling me that I need to practice my wall squats? I swear that's the first time anyone has told me that since you first mentioned it in passing during one of my fundementals courses?

Every single coach ever (and others) never told me that I should practice wall squats... I swear....

Cindy said...

Peterson, I'll be working wall squats tonight if you want some company! :-)

Christina Carnevale said...

Can we have open gym later than 5p m or at least run later than 6pm? Maybe in the future?

Charles said...

I plan on doing double under practice for a few minutes as a warm up, do the baseline, and then head back to double unders.

That's weird, because every coach I see can't wait to tell me to do more wall squats. I probably just suck that bad at it. ;)

JZuck said...

Are there any changes to the schedule during Hanukkah this year?

Nikki said...

cc - i'll be here past 6pm tonight, probably till 7. i'm doing a fundamentals so i wont be available to coach but the gym will be open

Aimee Lyons said...

CC- absolutely, we can accommodate that request for the December open gym.

JZ- where was my head... totally forgot to publish that schedule :)

Peterson, Peterson, Peterson....two words wall squats!!

Chris P. said...


Danny - 70:24
Ellie - ??:??

10 rounds of:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
sprint 1 length of gym
Steph V. 15:07
Rachel 14:30
Wendy 15:03

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
115# push press, 10 reps
55# kb swing, 10 reps
25" box jump, 10 reps
Rob Ph. 9
Brian R. 8+10pp (95/85)
Miranda ??
Kevin 8+7pp
Mike T. 8

75 du's
deadlifts, 275#
kb swings, 55#
burpees over bar
75 du's
Mike Fab. 17:24 (? didn't write down time but I think it was this)

Baseline WOD
Jeff 5:12 (?)

great work everyone! nice to see you all working on various skills and WODs. If you did a WOD but I didn't write you down, post up!

Chris P. said...

And congrats to Steph V. for getting her first double under! (and many after that)

Dorothy said...

Chris I believe you taught me double unders also. I sorta had them, but you got me over the hump. Is there anything you can't do?

Chris P. said...

haha, don't forget that you're the one that actually did the work Dorothy!

Steph v said...

It never ceases to amaze me, how my body can go from not being able to do something to all of a sudden being able to do it. It feels magical!