Happy Birthday Olan!

W.O.D. 11.20.10
(it's not "Bad Medicine" but another great WOD from our CFKoP WOD contest)

Mike F's - "So You Think You Can Clean"

21 Squat Cleans/21 Wall Balls
15 Power Cleans/15 Box Jumps
9 Hang Power Cleans/9 Sandbag Burpies

Weight (115#/75#)
Wall Balls (20#/14#) to (10ft/8ft) target
Box Jumps (25"/21")

Good luck to Mike F competing in the Tough Mudder challenge today!

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”
- Coco Chanel

Rx Results:
Sam B. 7:42
Lindsey 12:45 (first Rx!)
Mel 9:28
Jim C 11:23
Sam D. 9:31
Jay E. 8:18
Granny 6:22
Cate 5:22
Jason 7:15
Aimee 7:20

Scale +:
Kim G 10:17 (65#)-double clap burpees!?!?!

Kristy (40#) 7:10
Erik (95#) 6:31
Denise (45#) 8:20
Sarah J (22#) 16:00
Steph E. (65#) 10:34
Donkey (75#)-partial ROM 6:39
Steph V (75#)-20" box 9:24
Kathleen (50#) 10:39
Jeff (95#) 8:28
Mike S. (35#) 12:41
Peterson (95#) 8:36

Yoga with Tori!
The awesome CF KoP community helps our newest member Sarah J. push through the end of the WOD!
Congrats to Steph for getting up on the 21" box!
(20" featured in the photo)


donkey said...

happy birthday, olan! i hope you enjoy your special day :)

Melanie said...

Have a fantastic birthday Olan!!!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Olan, hope you have a great day!

Aimee Lyons said...

FREE Yoga is today at 11:00 with Tori! everyone is welcome...

Cate said...

Happy Birthday Olan! Have a great day! Come to the box! :)

Anonymous said...

I Wonder wher tough Mudder Came From ?


JZuck said...

Happy Brthday Olan! Have a great one.

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday Olan. Love chasing you. Thanks for making me better.

I know you are hoping someone got you Bon Jovi tickets. I hope they did too. Have a great day.

Kristen SB. said...

Olan, happy birthday and best wishes for a great day!!!

Kristen SB. said...

I am so happy to be home! I miss everyone and I can't wait to be back at the box tomorrow!

Chris P. said...

Olan, happy birthday! You bring great effort and talent to the box, with a solid attitude and great demeanor. We're lucky to have you around, and I love the rivalry with Dorothy!

Aimee Lyons said...

Saturday morning Clean-ing

What a great day at the box today, solid effort all around. A special Congrats to Lindsey who powered through her first WOD as Rx'd and killed her last 9 Hang Power Cleans!

Welcome back Steph E. who's home on Holiday for the week!

Erik (Ditty's Dad) made a guest appearance all the way from Texas today! It was great having you.

Steph V. - 21" box, need I say more? good job girl, hittin PR's every day!

The moment of the day was watching Sarah J. push at the end of the WOD as the community came together to cheer her through the final reps!

Jerry said...

Olan!! Have a great birthday!!!
It's always great working out with you...

Kim said...

WOW! I have my own section in the results! I feel so honored. I think the double clap should be standard now

Stephanie v. said...

Hey Kim...shhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Thanks for he encouragement , Comparing the jump discrepancy to a pube...was inspirational!

Soo cool to Watch the community cheer on a new member...this what keeps us all coming back, I'm pretty sure it's not the burpees (except maybe for Kim!)

Kim said...

Haha have I guess I've made my love for burpees evident...

Steph - congrats on all your recent accomplishments!!!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy birthday Olan. Hope you had a great day!

Thanks for yoga today it was great, exactly what I needed.