W.O.D. 11.19.10

400M farmers walk

Weighted Lunges
Thrusters (with Dumbells or Kettlebells)

400M farmers walk

coaches notes: scale DB/KB weight to level and ability

Wall Squats by Jason Lyons

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Your goals for 2011

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"Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and spend it rather than invest it."
- Jim Rohn

Lindsey: 14:07 (15#)
Kevin: 15:42 (33#)
Rob Ph: 16:42 (45#)
Brian R: 15:20 (35#)
Tom D: 12:43 (20#)
Lisa Co: 15:08 (26/10#)
Nikki: 13:57 (30#)
Sarah: 15:35 (10#)
Gina: 15:44 (18#)
Sharon: 15:33 (18#)
Jessica: 14:29 (18#)
Meghann B 14:52 (18#)
Kim G 18:26 (18#)
Howie 20:18 (26.5#)
Laura 16:38 (26.5#)
Granny 15:34 (30#)
Bekah 15:48 (20#)
Dianne 18:00 (?)
Pat P 21:16 (35#)
Peterson 19:10 (35#)
Kristin T 14:52 (17.6#)
Cate 15:35 (30#)
Mike V 14:20 (45#)
Danny 18:08 (50#)
Deb 13:11 (25#)
C.C. 16:54 (26.5/15#)
Donkey 15:06 (26.5#) sub situps for lunges
Jim C 18:45 (40
Sandy 14:57 (15)
Katie 16:52 (18)
Denise 17:41 (20)
Jen S 18:24 (26.5/18)
Melinda 18:15 (25)
Dana 16:48 (26.5/18)
Cline 17:33 (25)
ShengChing 19:35 (18)
Vinny 23:23 (50)
Rachael 16:12 (20)
Jeff Hi 18:20 (30)
Parag 18:26 (15)
Rob P 21:09 (45)
Chris B 18:52 (35)
Shoeless 18:59 (35)


Jen Naspinski said...

1) do wolverine in its entirety
2) do a dead hang pull up with no band
3) do the baseline without scaling sit-ups
4)progress to 17" box jumps

Anonymous said...

1)Always the best athlete I can be in each moment with joy
2) participate in competitions and physical challanges
3) improve the form of all movements, especially the lifts
4) improve the speed and stabilty of my squat
5) rx kipping pullups in wods
6) get a dead hang pullup unassisted
7) 21" box jumps in wods
8) 60 du strung together
9) kick into and hold a handstand unassisted
10) rx kte & t2b in wods
11) ring dips with blue band
12) rx Isabelle
13) get over 6th wall
14) sub 20 Annie rx
15) ghd sit-ups in a wod
16) get up the rope

Charles said...

1) Earn the Wolverine T-Shirt.
2) Do a Full Murph.
3) Get a few RX's next to my name without sacrificing intensity.
4) Start doing heavy squats without my coaches looking on in terror. (That goes for *all* of the Oly lifts, actually) ;)
5) Consistently do double unders in WODs.
6) Stop using bands in the WODs, which means more dead hang pull ups and then mastering the kipping pull up.
7) Learn the GHD situp.
8) Get as close to 10% body fat as possible. AKA Look Good Naked!

Tim P said...

6am Grocery Bag Carry

Meghann B 14:52, 18(# in each hand)
Kim G 18:26, 18#
Howie 20:18, 26.5
Laura 16:38, 26.5
Granny 15:34, 30#
Bekah 15:48, 20
Dianne 18:00,
Pat P 21:16, 35
Peterson 19:10, 35
Kristin T 14:52, 17.6

Kimmers said...

1) string DUs
2) hspu (or at least get into a hs)
3) RX at something
4) keep on amazing myself

2011 is gonna be a PR kinda year!
Kim G

Dorothy said...

ok, first can we review my 2010 goals? I'm not quite there, but I still have some time.

3 pullups - check
3 ring dips - done
50 DU in a row - I'm currently at 44.
Dealift 175 - I'm at 170
Squat 120 - done
Run a 10K - done, ran 10 mile trail run because I am an overachiever
Get nutrition in order - done, I am tracking macronutrients via excel
RX all WODs - pretty much. Not all, but most ladies I do Rx.

These were my goals for my first year of crossfit. I seriously did not think I would get any of these. I was shooting for the stars but hoping to hit the moon.

If anyone needs help setting goals, talk to Nikki. She was very helpful to me. Also, look at past goals posted on the blog. This helped me too. And finally, there are crossfit skill levels you can use as a guide (http://crossfitatlanta.typepad.com/CrossFit_Athletic_Skill_Stand.pdf)

I'll write my 2011 goals later. I gotta think about this. I made a list of things I am good at (and like), things I am ok at, and things I hate/suck at. I'll use that as my starting point.

Nikki said...

Awesome awesome progress this year Dorothy, and great job on achieving your goals!! You still have time to get those last two. The DL will come down to proper rest (no DLs the week before and at least 1 rest day immediately before), having a well thought out warm up leading up to the PR lift, and then setting your mind that you WILL lift the 175!

Thanks for the plug on goal setting -- it's one of my favorite things to do as a coach. Nothing cooler than seeing people get excited/nervous when they write the goal on paper, then put a plan in place to get there. I'd be MORE than happy to sit down with any of you and brainstorm goals for 2011.

I'll post on my goals soon...

Nikki said...

I just found my goals for 2010, some of you guys might find yours here too:


Progress on 2010 goals:
*40 PU - haven't tried in a while, I'll do that!
*10 MU - I'm at 6 consecutive
*100 DU - done (120)
*150# clean - done (155#)
*225# DL - done (265#)
*freestanding HSPU - I did one, once :)
*125#OHS - done (135# x3)
*190# BS - done (200#)
*175#FS - almost (170#)
*Sub 5-min Fran - haven't tried since last january! I'll do Fran soon.

I'm going to think about 2011 goals and post 'em soon. Like Dorothy, for now I'm going to focus on those final few things I wanted in 2010: 10 consecutive MU, 40 PU, and a sub 5 Fran. I really think I can achieve these in the next 6 weeks!

Ellie said...

A little off topic, but best of luck to the marathoners this weekend!

Stephanie said...

i want to edit #11- RX Ring dips.

Melanie said...

Just off the top of my head, some of my 2011 goals are to:
1. I want my 95# clean and jerk to feel like my 65# clean and jerk
2. Wolverine
3. 225# Deadlift
4. 160# Back Squat
5. 80# snatch
6. Break through my 85# should press plateau
7. More CORE work to improve my knees to elbows and toes to bar
8. 10+ consecutive kipping pull-ups
9. 10+ consecutive DU’s
10. Full depth HSPU
11. Execute a ring dip without the band
12. Start running again

I am still amazed at all of the skills I have learned in the past year and that I can do things I never thought I would be doing! Form is really important to me so a lot of my goals will focus on form and skill work.

Charles said...

Is there anything special that we need to do if we want to go do the Apex WOD but not the eating contest, or do we just show up?

TP said...

The Noon results

Cate 15:35, 30#
Mike V 14:20, 45#
Danny 18:08, 50#
Deb 13:11, 25#
C.C. 16:54, 26.5,15#
Donkey 15:06, 26.5# sub situps for lunges

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Charles- I told Rob & Tanya to expect about 3-4 from KoP so you can just show up. Have fun!

@ Dorothy- I thought your only goal was to beat Olan???

my main CF goal
to get back to where my performance level was in April of 2010 and to finally attempt and complete 15 BW OHS...I got to 7 in January of 2010.

my secondary CF goal
to increase my strength in powerlifting and olympic lifting movements. I want that 300# Deadlift

goal for the box (carry over from last year)
to organize the CFKoP "Steve's Club" program

Jen S. said...

Second on the Steve's Club Goal :)

donkey said...

Thirded on Steve's club.

2010 Goals and Progress:

1. By June, 1 Rep Max: Front Squat 100#, Back Squat 120#, Overhead Squat 65# ACHIEVED. Front Squat 120, Back Squat 145, OHS 90.

2. By EOY: Deadlift 300# *this was reallllllllllllly reaching for it. <>
5. By EOY: Close in on 2minutes for the 200m row (best time now is 2:18) <>

6. By June: 1.5 mile run with no stopping to walk (POSE) >

7. By Sept: 5K without stopping to walk (POSE) <>

8. By March: 1 ring dip; 10 consecutive by EOY <>

9. By June: 1 full range of motion HSPU <>

10. By March: 1 kipping pull up, 10 consecutive by EOY <>

12. by June: 1 jumping Muscle-Up, by EOY, 1 full Muscle-Up <>

13. Baseline: Rx by EOY <>

14. Lose 10 # <>

15. Rx at least one WOD by June <>

So where does that leave me for 2011:

Backsquat: 200
Front Squat: 150
OHS: 125
Clean: 150
Deadlift: 300
Bench: 150
Ring Dips: 10 strung, no band
Muscle Ups: get some
HSPU *full range* get some
Kipping Pull ups: String 20 without stopping
Butterfly Pull ups: String 20 without stopping
Pistols: get it, full ROM, both sides
DU: String 100
RX: Angie, Barbara, Diane, Mary, Fran
WODS in general: keep pushing
Wolverine: Finish <75 min

Dorothy said...

@Aimee, you are right! I must remember to keep the goal the goal. Thanks for the reminder.

On a separate note, my hip pain is getting worse. Doc thinks it is tendinitis in my IT band. So I've decided to take a week off. Today is day one and I am already antsy! The goal for this week is to rest. Does anyone know how hard this is going to be?!?!? I must remember 'one day at a time'.

Nikki said...

5:30 and 6:30 grippers

Jim C 18:45 (40
Sandy 14:57 (15)
Katie 16:52 (18)
Denise 17:41 (20)
Jen S 18:24 (26.5/18)
Melinda 18:15 (25)
Dana 16:48 (26.5/18)
Cline 17:33 (25)
ShengChing 19:35 (18)
Vinny 23:23 (50)
Rachael 16:12 (20)
Jeff Hi 18:20 (30)
Parag 18:26 (15)
Rob P 21:09 (45)
Chris B 18:52 (35)
Shoeless 18:59 (35)