Crossfit KOP Rock Climbing

Monday, November 22nd- 6-8pm

Philadelphia Rock Gyms- Oaks click here for directions

Join our group of KoPers for rock climbing! Cost is $20 (please bring cash)

Family and Friends (kids too) are welcome. Who's in??? RSVP to stephanie@radicalhateloss.com by 3pm on the day of the field trip!


Anonymous said...

This is who is signed up so far!

Dorothy +1
Stephanie +3
Karen L.
Kim G.
Jen Fugo +1
Maura +3 CrossfitDelValians

feel free to RSVP to this post instead of emailing me.

P. Lentus said...

um, is that a guy with a prosthetic leg AND a gas mask on??

karen largent said...

this is gonna be so fun. now the question is: prior- to WOD, or not to WOD?

Stephanie said...

I guess it depends on the wod, but I don't think I will.

Chris- Lol on the photo- Aimee spent the first night at home with Chloe so she gets a free pass on missing the details today!!

Charles- yay!

Aimee Lyons said...

P- just to show rock climbing is for anyone!!

shoe said...

Yep! Plentus, photo's from a study a few years ago where researchers were investigating how the body works while using various prosthetic devices to rock climb. The mask measures the amount of oxygen he exhales, which is helps them determine how much effort he exerts (or something like that).

Anyone ever heard of Aron Ralston? This reminded me of him. He's probably one of the best known climbers who uses a prosthetic, and the story of how he lost his arm is really fascinating. If you ever need some extra inspiration, look it up. There's some pretty incredible people out there!

Chris P. said...

awesome background Shoe! also, very cool for you to sign off as "Shoe." Oh the irony...

Christina Carnevale said...


I will need to be a game time decision (right now I have a bride scheduled) but I can see if I can re-arrange her to later in the week - I have been wanting to do this for a while.

Stephanie said...

No problem cc! Just text me when u know :)

Thanks for the info shoe!

Jen S. said...

I will also be a game time decision...Prob won't know til Friday.