Stay posted for the CrossFit KoP Calendar :)

W.O.D. 10.10.10
Split Jerk

AMRAP in 7 minutes*
1 squat clean
3 jerks

*Use about 60% of your 2 Rep Max on a barbell or use dumbbells, scale weight according to level and ability on the dumbbells.

CrossFit Kids (3-6) years at 11:00AM
Deadlifts and Dresses at 11:30AM
Clean and Jerk clinic with Plentus 1-4PM

" I don't care how old I live; I just want to be LIVING while I am living! "
-Jack Lalanne

Vinny: 175 (19 w/ 105#)
Jeff: 175 (13 w/ 105#)
Han: 145 (11 w/ 95#)
Aim: 125 (21 w/ 75#)
Ben: 105 (13 w/ 65#)
Jason: 225 (13 w/ 135#)
Mimi: 95 (14 w/ 60#)
SAZ: 83 (14 w/ 53#)
Sam L: 135 (16 w/ 85#)
Mom: 40 (16 w/ 22#)


Aimee Lyons said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Tim G! Looking good today on the C&J, loved the dedication you have devoted to working on mastering the lift!

Patti said...

Had so much fun today! Thanks Aimee, Jason and mom for all your hard work. The pix turned out great!! I love the idea of a CrossfitKop calendar:)))
Happy Birthday Tim!!!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Tim - it was good working with you more closely at the C&J clinic, even if it meant birthday burpees for us!

Ladies, looking great deadlifing and in your dresses too!