Practicing to be a waiter...

What happens when Aimee drops the plate...

You REALLY need to run faster...MORE FISH OIL!!!

How high are those snow piles Scrappy?

I really wish Swine would hurry up!

W.O.D. 2.14.10

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Each partner must share the work load and complete a portion of the below while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate over head. (Ladies#25/Gentlemen#45). We will scale the load overhead if necessary. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 50 burpees. The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head. Exercises can be completed in any order.

50 Wallballs
75 Kettelbell swings
100 Push Ups
150 Sit-Ups
200 Squats
800 M Run*
*I'm not sure what the snow situation will be but we will modify with a Row if necessary.

Compare to 2.14.09 or 6.24.09.

This Sunday, February 14th we will execute the Valentines Day WOD at both the 9AM and 10AM classes. Feel free to bring your significant other, partner, friend, child, relative or enemy...to give CrossFit a try. Even if you don't come with a partner, You will be paired up with someone. We will scale this based on level and ability for new comers. This is a FREE class for first timers who come with a current CFKoP member!!

Post to Comments:
If you had a session with Judith Gabriel today, post to comments your thoughts on the massage/reflexology and if you would like to have her back at the box.

"Go after what you want in life. And don't let anything get in your way. Whatever your goals or priorities, they rock. It does not matter what anybody else thinks...not ever. You go get it for yourself. If you make a mistake, you learn from it. Then you don't make it again."
-Ed Zerkle

Scrappy/CP 18:57 (35#)
Cindy/Jeff 24:32 (25#)
Mike B/Deb 22:08 (25#)
Doreen/Swine 21:53 (45/35#)
Sam/Megs 18:37 (35#)
Kerry/Plentus 22:58 (35#)
Marie/Nikki 25:52 (25/15#)
Dan/Kit 17:30 (45#)
Liz/Shawn 22:27 (25#)
Panos/Cate 20:10 (35#)
Mel/Derek 25:43 (10#)
Tim/Laura 24:51 (45/35#)
Kim/Sam B/Roger 25:42 (25#)
Aimee/Jason 26:59 (45#)(50 Burpees each)


Anonymous said...

ummm, that massage was absolutely the best! i would love to have judith back again. i'm still talking to jim about it. i think it's getting on his nerves, so he's just gonna go get one for himself!~ Thanks for all the old lady birthday wishes everyone ~ grans

Chris P. said...

it looks like Swine and Sam are dueling for Meg's affection.

Aimee Lyons said...

haha Plentus! I just zoomed in on that and I def looks like Swine is giving Sammy the evil eye!

Mike F said...

Glad I was in Pittsburgh this weekend!

Meighan said...

When you are as much of a mess as I am....everyone gives me the eye!! :)

Thanks Chris, that made my day!!!!!