CrossFit KoP's first Family WOD day!

WOD 2.22.10
Row 1K
Two minutes of each:
30 pound Dumbbell thrusters
20 pound Medicine ball cleans

*Scale weight accordingly on the DB Thrusters and MB Cleans.

Your Score will be the total time for the row and total reps.
The clock runs continuously for the eight minutes after the row.

Tough Mudder.

"The only way to be who you want to be is by being what you haven't yet been."
- Sally Edwards

Results:(DB/MedBall/Band/SU) Row-total
Kara 8/10/green 4:47-82
Cate 30/20 4:42-111
Sarah 18/15/floss 4:20-71
Dave 20/20/black 4:10-72
Kevin M.25/20 3:48-147
Donkey 8/14/blue/singles 4:13-144
Todd 30/20 3:54-131
Olan 30/20 4:01-87
Gina 15/14/black 5:04-80
Cindy 25/14/green 5:02-65
Dorothy 20/14 4:30-89 (no band for pullups!!! congrats!)
Justin 26.5/14/green 4:01-95
W.W. 25/20 3:54-71
Aimee 35/20 4:18-147
Jim C. 40/20 3:48-96
Vincent 25/14 4:30-80
Ludwig 30/20 4:40-72
Curtin 20/14/green 4:24-82
Miranda 25/14/singles 4:23-134
Swine 35/20 3:26-166
Mike B. 35/20 3:27-120
Jen S. 18/14 4:08-109
Shawn 30/20 3:32-93
JZ 30/20 4:00-82
Plentus 45/20 3:40-147
Granny 20/14 4:07-152
Mike F. 40/20 4:01-103
Pukie Z. 45/20 3:31-92
Sam B. 26.5/20/singles 3:54-152
Joe A. 35/20 4:01-56
Rob ouchie/singles 3:28-48
Kathleen 8/12/singles/black 4:47-168
Kerry 30/20 3:52-97
Victor 20/14/singles/black 4:13-53
Maureen 10/8/singles/band 4:54-138
C.C. 15/14/singles/band 5:27-107
Max 30/20 3:50-95
Jerry 30/20 3:35-90
Jason 45/40atlas 3:29-119


Jerry said...

Who's up for the Tough Mudder???
7 miles of motivational fun!!!

Meighan said...

I did a mud run in DE in the fall and is was one of the most fun things EVER!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Jerry/Megs-I spoke to a few CrossFitters this weekend at Fil-Fest who were planning on attending the Tough Mudder. I'd be happy to put you in touch with them if you are going to do it. Unfortunately, that date is booked on my calendar or I'd totally be down!

Anonymous said...
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Matt said...

Hey Everyone, It's Matt (the one who does Rope Climbs during open gyms...)
Anyways, If anyone is getting a team together for the Tough Mudder, I'm totally down!

Anonymous said...

Hello CrossFit Friends,
I turn 30 in March and it only seemed fitting to celebrate at crossfit. Please join me. Check out the evite at
or the facebook invite athttp://bit.ly/30thbdayfacebook