Happy Birthday Granny!

W.O.D. 1.13.10

Squat Clean
Go Heavy-Set a PR!

Assistance Strength Work:
Handstand holds - 3 x max time, rest 2 minutes between attempts

Main Page Video:
"One-arm Isabel" with John Warnek, the beast from CrossFit King of Prussia - video [wmv] [mov][YouTube]

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal."
- Luis Escobar

Liz 65 form/1:00
WW 135x2
Mike V. 155x2/1:05
Jim 205x1/:50
JZ 135x2/:25
Jaime 50x2/:25
Christine 22#
Granny 115 form
Ker 100 form/1:30/1:15/1:15
Kit 235x1/1:35
Joe A. 255/:42
Olan 135x3/:35
John 255x2

Fight Gone Strongman:
Three 1 Minute Rounds of
Tire Sled Drags
GHD Bench Press
Back Extension
Tire Sledge Hits
Atlas Stone/Keg lifts

Kerry 359
Jason 293
Aimee 339
John 371
Mike B. 318
Kit 394
Tim P. 353
Swine 346


Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Jen :) Hope you have a great day and get the day off.

Chris P. said...

way to make mainpage Johnny boy!

Happy birthday Granny, make it a good one! I'll do birthday burpees for you...

KDitty said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Enjoy the day! You deserve it!

Patti said...

Happy bday Jen!! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I love my jesher!!!!!!! Happy birthday girly!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Enjoy your day!

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Jen!!

Hannah said...

grannnnnny!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Jen!

donkey said...

happy birthday, granny! have a great day!