CrossFit KoP...On the Road to the 2010 Games.

Athlete Profile: Jeff Handler

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 170 lb
Age: 49
(competing in the Masters at Regionals)
Started CF: July 2008

Deadlift: 270
Back Squat: 235
Front Squat: 175
Press: 120
Clean and Jerk: 170
Pullups: 18
Weighted pull-up: 45
Fran: 8:28
Angie: 20:15
Elizabeth: 20:46
Helen: 12:10
Kelly: 35:01
Cindy: 16
Annie: 12:03
Filthy Fifty: 23:00
FGB: 246
Eva: 49:02


Nikki said...

GOOOOOO JEFF!!!! After seeing you represent at 215 last month, I know you are going to make CFKoP sooo proud at the Regionals! Can't wait to cheer you on!

JZuck said...

Yea Jeff! I know you will kick ass! Show them what your made of.

Kit said...


Miranda said...

Yay Jeff! You da man! I know you'll kick some a$$!

Cate said...

Go Jeff!!!! I will be cheering for you long distance! I know you'll make us all proud. I'll be counting on everyone to bring back some great photos. Woo hoo!!! You're going to be awesome!

Nicole said...

YAY Jeff!! I know you will kick some ass!!! :)

Chris P. said...

now THAT is a look of intensity. Looking forward to see you compete again Jeff!

Meighan said...


you never fail to wow us all!! Go get some at Regionals!!

Tim P said...

Jeff is a master of focus, and will rock the masters division without doubt.

Anonymous said...

You rock Jeff - I've always been impressed with your dedication and commitment. Good luck!

Sam B.

Ray said...

My badass brother!

Jeff said...

Thanks everyone, this means a lot to me!

donkey said...

YEAH jeff!! wooohooo dude!

John said...

Those are some great stats Jeff, can't wait to see you compete.

Jason Lyons said...

Good luck competing grandpa. I will be there to scream (encourage) you. Lol

Dorothy said...

Go Jeff Go! You are an inspiration with the heart of a lion.

Cindy Handler said...

Jason, call Jeff Grandpa again and I'm gonna have to sock you! :-)

Besides, if he's grandpa then I'm grandma and the box already has a Granny!

Kerbear said...

"You see things and say 'why?' but I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?'"

Jeff you are an inspiration - you work you ass off and are just amazing! You are going to do absolutely amazing at Regionals - I can't wait! Keep it up!