CrossFit KoP...On the Road to the 2010 Games.

Athlete Profile: Kit Zipf

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185
Age: 23
Started CF: 2008

Deadlift: 455lb

Back Squat: 300lb

Overhead Squats: 170x6
Clean: 235lb

Jerk: 215lb

Press: 150lb
Snatch 165lb
Fran: 4:32
Isabel: 6:29

Grace: 3:20
Helen: 8:12
Karen: 8:59
5k row: 20:27
Angie: 18:11

Filthy Fifty: 26:35
Elizabeth: 11:45
Annie: 7:10
Consecutive Pull-ups: 32

Weighted Pullup x1: 95#
Consecutive Double Unders: 89
Christine: 11:30
Air Force WOD: 6:49


John said...

Kit Zipf, KOP manimal.

Megs said...

Good luck Kit. I will be cheering you on from LA! :)

Ray said...

The primary mission of the Marine rifle company and platoon is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver and to repel his assault by fire and close combat.

So, yes, Kit is a total badass because he has to be.

Get some, brother!

Semper Fi!

KDitty said...

Can't wait to see you compete at Sectionals. I know it will be impressive!! Good Luck!

Chris P. said...

The best thing about Kit is...his handshake.

The second best thing about Kit is that he's about to kick ass at Sectionals!

seriously though, shake his hand if you haven't. solid.

Jeff said...

As tough as they get - another KoP beast who will kick ass at Sectionals!

And yes, he has an awesome handshake.

TP said...

Good Luck homie, must be all those MRE's.

donkey said...

Yeah, KIT! can't wait to see you rock it at sectionals!

Kit said...

Thanks ya'll! Thanks for the support!. Semper Fi, Ray.

You're going to see something special at these sectionals, everyone is ready and in great shape. Its going to be great!

Nikki said...

Kit - sorry I'm late in posting! Vegas got the best of me, haha :) You're an animal and you are going to ROCK the sectionals. It's been great training with you and feeding off your intensity. That day you did Grace, Isabel, and Karen back to back was unbelieveable. After seeing you crush those wods, I know you'll be amazing at sectionals!

Miranda said...

Kit best of luck to you at Sectionals!

Jason Lyons said...

Young, solid, competitive, eager to learn...great combination. good luck dude.

Kerbear said...

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."

hmm Kit, I guess good luck, I think you'll do ok. Afterall you are a marine and what not so you shouldn't be half bad right?? haha
you'll do awesome - keep kicking ass and taking names. We'll all be cheering for ya.