Thanks to CrossFit Generation for coming out to play today!

See you all at Sectionals!

W.O.D. 2.12.10
Interval Day

15 Hang Power Cleans (135#/95#)*
10 Push Jerks
5 Overhead Squats
250M Row
rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 rounds.


20 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders
rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 rounds.
*We will scale weight to level and ability (135/95) (115/75) (95/65 or 35)

Just wanted to let folks know Robb Wolf is having an East Coast Paleolithic Solution Seminar Saturday, April 10 from 9am-5pm at CrossFit Hoboken!

We are back to our regularly scheduled classes tomorrow...finally!


Lauren Plumey competes in the Hybrid Challenge - video [wmv] [mov]"can you spot the familiar faces in the back ground?"


In his forthcoming book, "Spirit of the Dancing Warrior," Jerry Lynch encourages athletes to embrace a more Eastern philosophical attitude toward their competitors. "The word 'competition' comes from the Latin 'competere' which means 'to seek together.' So look at your competitor as your partner. You seek greatness together. Let's say the world record holder lines up next to me. I'm thrilled. And I hope he brings his best game. Because if he does, I'll find out how good I am. I know for certain I will run my best, because the greatest competitors have shown up."

Sam G: 4:37/3:55/4:08/2:25/2:21/1:49
Warnek: 2:07/2:27/3:28/2:56/3:11/2:27
Jenny (CFG): ?/?/?/?/?/?
Aimee: 4:02/4:17/4:17/1:52/1:34/1:52
Swine: 6:30/5:53/8:21/2:08/2:25/2:03
Mike B: 4:36/4:26/4:27/2:06/2:07/2:26
Vince (CFG): 3:22/3:43/3:50/2:10/2:36/2:10
Barry (CFG): 2:23/2:54/4:41/1:09/1:53/1:50
John K (CFG): 4:25/6:30/5:20/1:42/1:14/1:41

Jen S: 8:42/5:05/5:34/3:25/3:52/2:59 (75#/HSPU)
Megs: 6:00/5:52/4:55/3:42/3:06/3:02 (65#/HSPU/SU)
Olan: 4:40/5:10/4:10/5:02/4:!2/4:35 (95/75#/?)
Kim: 4:14/4:20/5:19/3:49/3:39/3:46 (65/33#/HSPU/PU)
JZ: 9:38/6:54/7:50/2:21/3:08/2:29 (95#/SU)
Plentus: 5:36/6:22/6:45/1:14/1:23/1:43 (115/95/75#)
Dorothy: 3:17/3:20/3:40/4:06/3:49/4:28 (53#/HSPU/PU)
Justin: 3:45/3:46/4:04/4:25/4:17/3:13 (75#/HSPU/PU/SU)
Joe A: 6:52/5:19/7:40/10:39/-/- (HSPU)
Steph: 5:41/5:41/6:22/3:!1/3:19/3:44 (53#OHS/HSPU/PU/SU)
Mike F: 5:39/4:10/3:59/4:00/4:10/5:22 (115/95#/HSPU)
Pukie: 4:56/5:02/5:20/3:20/5:35/2:49 (HSPU)
Shawn: Ouchie
Kathleen: 4:20/4:19/4:51/4:!5/3:25/3:00 (35#/HSPU/PU/SU)
Sam B: 5:11/4:44/4:25/1:23/1:11/1:04 (115/95#/SU)
Laura: 4:26/7:51/5:11/3:30/3:03/3:21 (73#/HSPU)
Miranda: 7:36/7:04/6:24/5:47/5:27/-(65#OHS/SPU/DU)
Kerry: 4:11/4:05/3:28/2:09/2:51/3:01 (65#/HSPU)
Rob: 3:43/5:52/5:31/2:20/2:50/3:15 (75#OHS, HSPU)
Tim P: 2:46/2:44/2:38/1:50/1:32/1:35 (75#)
Melanie: 4:47/4:25/4:55/2:04/2:35/2:13 (53/33#/HSPU/PU)
Kari (CFG): 4:27/4:37/5:34/3:07/3:04/3:18 (95/75#/HSPU)


Chris P. said...

How to make jerky: http://chrispconstantlyvaried.blogspot.com/

Laura Pappas said...

Chris, great jerky post - wish I had it for the snowday :)

I'm excited to get back to the box tonight, we tried a snow hike in Valley Forge yesterday but it didn't exactly work out...

Ray said...

Haha Laura, you need snowshoes or skis in this stuff. I called REI and EMS to see if they had any snowshoes in stock, and they are both sold out! Dana and I may try Valley Forge or French Creek State Park with our cross country skis. I am hoping some other brave soul already broke trail or it could be a killer.

Kari said...

Thanks for having us over to "play" last night! We had a great time!

Aimee Lyons said...

Kari- Absolutley, you all are welcome anytime! It was awesome to work out side by side with everyone!