Member spotlight - Alan Keil

Alan Keil

How long have you been at CF KOP? 6 Years 

What brought you in our doors? I was newly divorced in 2016 and my daughter Kelsey Kiel called me up and said that I needed to do something - I can't just sit in my apartment. She asked me if she finds a Crossfit Box near me would I go? I said I would (not thinking she would find one close to me). Well she found KoP and signed me up for the Foundations Class and even paid for it. I was going. From that day forward I have always come to KoP and have loved it all. 

Who is your favorite coach and why? Wow - thats a tough question - all the coaches are wonderful and supportive but I have to say that Coach Aimee would be the one. Aimee has never treated me as if I could not be successful in the gym. She has taught me so much about CrossFit that I will be forever grateful. She has been there to help me scale the WODs to fit into my physical ability (which is getting better everyday) She has created a community that is so supportive and just fun to be at. The masters classes are a prime example of how Aimee has helped me and others at or around my age. 

What have you gained from being a part of this community? The Community is the BEST! I have always been part of groups from my Fraternity in college to a men's group that we have been together for over 20 years. This KoP community is special. Everyone is here for each other. No one has ever, never said to me I can't do it. Your too old for this. None of that. The support and love that this community has is near and dear to my heart. Its funny a majority of the athletes here could be my kids - and I love that. 

What has been your biggest challenge? I would have to say that being consistent, fighting through injuries and getting down on myself. There are times when work gets in the way of me getting to the Masters Class but I am starting to figure out I can make it up by getting to another class even though its not the Masters Class. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment? Doing something to improve my physical being, I have joined more gyms over my 65 years than I can count but I have never stuck to a gym or program like I have with CrossFit KoP. I never thought I would have PRs in anything. But I have set new PRs for myself in the deadlift and front squat. 

To wrap this up - I am humbled to have been named January's Member Spotlight. This box means the world to me. I have a family here and I cherish it with all my heart.

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