Congratulations to TEAM RED for winning 21.3!!! 
Congratulations to TEAM BLACK for winning 21.4!!!

TEAM RED wins the intramural 2021 OPEN! 

CLICK HERE to see the results and overall rankings for 2021.

Thank you all for a FUN OPEN!

These individuals will advance to the next stage:

Women Individuals Quarter Finals (top 10% in North America) 
Marissa Alpaugh 
Aimee Lyons 
Jamie Spak 
Colette Zdon 
Pam gulotta

Age Group Online Qualifier 
Top 10% per age group 
35-39 women 
Colette Zdon 
Jamie Spak 

 40-45 women 
Aimee Lyons 
Pam Gulotta 
Dana Dilullo

45-49 women 
Cate Kelly 
Dana Hazard 

Men 40-45 
Rich Andrews

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