W.O.D. 11.26.19

Join us on Thanksgiving Day at 8:30 AM for a FREE fun Amazing Race/Scavenger hunt through the streets of Bridgeport. Kids over 7 are welcome too!

...and then join us on Friday for the WOLVERINE WOD, we will be running heats from 9:30 AM-1:00PM, OPEN strength will be in the Annex!


For time:
30 Ring Muscle Ups 

Cash out:
4 Rounds (not for time)
10 Parallette Pass Throughs
:30 Second Plank Hold- Right
:30 Second Plank Hold- Left

CLICK HERE to compare to 2.14.19
CLICK HERE to compare to 5.31.19
CLICK HERE to compare to 8.8.19

"If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." 
– Martin Luther King Jr


Jenna said...

Aimee 6:13 rx

Kevin h 8:20 rx
Rich a 7:17 rx
Remer 8:05 rx high rings
Carl 14:55 rx High rings
Pete practice
Bridget 5mins aimee asst
Pam 4:51 trans (15 strict pu)
Denise trans =)
Marco trans =)
Matt t 5min Aimee asst
Emily g 2:22 trans (30 band pu)

Jenna said...

30 transitions
Poppop 3:02
Anne 3:15
Cathy 3:02
Ina 3:07

Manisha said...

Mike S 7:28 JMU
Mike M 6:00 15 RMU
Mike C 7:25 Ring PU + Dips (Band)
Theresa L 8:09 Ring PU + Dips (Para)
Kevin B 10:00 Skill Work

Cass K 8:24 Strict Band PU+Dips
Mike P 10:00 21 RMU PR!!
Austin 7:11 trans+dips

Jenna said...

Roberto 12:38 rx
Laura s 5:16 trans
Randy 12:30 rx
Karen 5:20 ish trans
Marissa practice
Mike m practice
Matty bo 5:23 trans
Marissa 4:06 trans
Tunde =)

Evie said...

Ben B 5:32 box RR/dips
JP 9:32 15 RMU

Mary H 4:54 trans/dips box
Jackie H 5:06 trans/dips box

Danielle Gambone said...

Mike R 22 PR! 10 min cap
Alex B trans & RR 10 min cap

Jillian Archibald said...

Jeff P. 4:02 rx PR!
Joe S. 9:27 rx
Beenash practice
Natalie practice

Josh S. 17 in 8 min
Erika R. practice
Kim practice
Eric practice
Madan practice