W.O.D. 1.30.19

Push Press

Cash out
For time:
50 Calories Row
40 Calories Air Bike
30 GHD Sit-ups

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."
- Helen Keller


CFKOP iPad said...

9:30 AM

Kevin H. 5x5 bent over row,180,8:20
Mary H. 120,11:05,30 cal bike
Donna G. 110 pr,9:51 abmat
Larissa 73,12:54,30 cal bike
Farrah G. 90 pr,11:03,situps
Tori C. 105,12:22
Ina S. 115 backsquat,11:12,30 cal bike

CFKOP iPad said...

12:15 EXP

Tim H. 150,3:50 (half)
Pete D. 155,8:56,60 sit-ups
Rich A. 235,8:05
Christine R. 110,10:51,30 cal AB
Cherie C. 110, 10:51,situps
John McH. 155,8:55 sit-ups

Stephanie Vincent said...

RAJ 150 10:20Rx
Ryan k 195 7:50rx
Karen M 115 12:05rx
Olan 205 10:13Rx
Mark P 245 8:08A Abm
Remer 115 8:10rx
Jill H 120 7:05 30bikecal
Nicole 115PR 11:30Rx
Andrea 105PR 12"05 ROM GHD
Micah 215 7:37 Rx
Manny 145 9:02 ABM
Ezra 115 10:12 ABM
Colleen 125 7;19 ErgBike RX
Jess A 110 12:39rx

Tim P said...

Sean S 185, 7:19
King 105, 7:35
Mark S 135, 8:17
Jamie S 145, 9:07
Susan A 105, 11:11 situps
Ellie H form, 10:43
Anna 145, 8:48
Ben M 155, 8:08
Mike S 127.5, 12:50

Mike P 205, 8:27
Kevin B 155, 6:32
Justin C 200, 6:44
Matt D 130 PR, 9:10
Dana D 125, 10:57 (60 abmat situps)

Annie R 90, 11:58 (60 abmat situps)
Ellie G 80, 11:45 (60 abmat situps)
Jess M 100, 6:30ish (2x30sec plank modification)
Lea 115, 9:42 (60 ambits situps)
Emily G 80 PR, 11:11 (half cal Bike)
Vinny 205, 9:31
Sam B 225, 6:34
Lucas 235, 9:10
Anna C 90, 12:22
Marla 125, 12:10
Alex B 110 PR, 11:22 abmat


Jenna said...

Subhan 200, 7:40 rx
Matt 215, 7:09 rx
Lauren 95, 12:33 rx
Gabriella 83 pr!, 12:47 rom
Cate 113 pr!, 9:30 rom

Mike C 155, 8:44 rx
Sam F 175, 7:50rx
Kim 85pr!, 11:36 rom
Mike MC 135, 8:00 abmat
Ashley 140. 10:50 rx
Merna 75, 16:15
Matt B 205, 9:26 rx
Sid 155, 13:00 rom
Sarah 45, 17:00 rom
Braden 155, 6:25 rx
Gia 105 pr, 11:03 ab
Liz 100pr!, 10:51 1/2 ghd
Alona 125, 9:56 rx

Justin Campanelli said...

Erika R: 105 9:32 ab
Mike M:145 9:30 AB
Caitlyn B: 90 9:55
Alex T: 100 PR! 10:00
Rekha: 50 10:28 20 cal bike
Matt E: 185 6:30 ab mat
Joe S: 225 6:45
Kayla: 175 7:12

Jenna said...

Missy 95 pr!, 10:51 abmat

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