W.O.D. 1.11.19

Our latest On-Ramp program begins on January 14th at 6:30 PM. 
Please pass this along to your friends who want to try CrossFit King of Prussia. 
With this program, they will receive 6 personalized classes and one week of unlimited membership for only $75! 

CLICK HERE to sign up.

4 Rounds for time of:
21/15 Calorie Bike
15 Burpees
3 Rope Climbs (15ft)

Community Notes:
All classes on Saturday, January 12th will be held in the Annex- Please meet and park at 110C DeKalb.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” 
– Anatole France


Keith B said...


Alex B 21:49 PRx3
Ezra 25:30 1 climb/rnd
Nikki 18:19 21cal/9strictPU
Neil 20:46 Rx
Alex L 19:34 Rx
Anna 20:32 RPx2
Joe C 23:16 Rx
Christine 24:07 Rx
Raj 21:13 1 Climb/rnd

Manisha said...


Ben M 19:58 Rx
Mike San 25:01 scaled reps
Laura S 25:41 Rx
Theresa L 17:08 Rx
Holly F 25:15 2 Pulls+1 RC
Anna L 15:49 Rx
Laura A 16:52 Rx
Sean S 18:55 Rx

Mike P 22:56 Rx
JB 20:15 10cals/10burpees/2 rope pulls
Chip 21:20 15cals
JP 18:07 Rx
Colleen 21:38 Rx
Mark Sp 19:30 Rx
Jamie Sp 19:10 Rx

Jenna said...

Jackie 19:18 (1 rc)
Mary h 20:06 (1 rc)
Kevin h 19:40 rx
Julia 19:18 (rca)
Emily 20:26 (3 wraps)
Missy 20:36 (3 wraps)
Larissa 22:00 (rca) first rope climb!!!
Mak 22:36 (3/3/2/2 rc)
Hazard 23:40 rx

Steph v 23:40 (9 hook in att)
Jenna 20:51 rx

Jenna said...

Possum 16:35 rx
Gordy 19:09 rx
Matt T 18:31 rx
Kevin T 19:10 rx
Andrew mc 20:10 (pulls)
Subhan 20:55 (3 pulls)
Dana D 15:56 rx
Pete D 18:11 rx
Greg A 19:41 rx

CFKOP iPad said...

Devon 24:50 9xhook
John m 21:41 1rc
Joe s 13:08rx
Ina 25:50 15-15-13-13 bike 2x1/2rc
Donna 21:09 Rx
Danielle 22:27rx

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Justin Campanelli said...

Andrew M: 12:08 RX
Roberto: 22:59 RX
Tunde: 24:30 rc 4x1/2
Randy: 14:20 RX
Jill A: 17:48 RX
Remer: 16:07 RX
Kate S: 20:38 RX
Rekah: 23:33
Mike M: 23:10 RRXX
Karen M: 22:05 RX

Jen C: 11:43 1 arm things
Jeff p:15:37 Rx
Mike L: 25:02 RX
Tori: 22:45 RCA
Alona: 19:43 RX
Kayla: 14:38 RX
Cory w: 14:47 rx
Sambo: 15:28 rope pulls
Matt D: 19:08 RX
Shawna P: 24:43 2/3 pulls
Caitlyn B: 20:11 row, 2 rc
Steph M: 19:33 Row

Michael M: 22:00 RCA
Neil D: 23:47
Kim S: 24: :) mostly rope climb
Marissa A: 23:03 Rx
Trini: 18:35 10 cal, rope pulls
Gia: 21:10 10 cal 2 rc
Steph C: 18:28 12 cal
Ashely M: 20:23 rope pulls