Meet the Coaches- Tim

What credentials do you have?
United States Track and Field Level 1
Coach CrossFit Level 1 Certification, August 2009, Brooklyn New York (Hey, KOP wasn’t always the East Coast HUB for every certification. You used to actually have to travel to get certified back then.)
CrossFit Level 2 Certification, June 2017 CrossFit KOP
CrossFit Running and Endurance, November 2009, Atlanta Georgia
CrossFit Kids Certification November 2014

When and why did you become a coach? I became a coach when our CF-KOP box was just an infant. Having run track for Villanova, I missed that competitive edge. I wanted share the passion that Aimee had for the functional fitness that CrossFit as a new sport delivered, being competitive and practicing the “fitness for life” concepts.

What is the impact you hope that your coaching has on athletes? I like for my classes to be laid back but also have structure; this is really important to me because I want you to maximize that hour. I want my athletes to leave feeling phenomenal, that they got their workout in for the day as optimal as possible.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of the gym? I don’t think it’s a secret that triathlon is my main sport, but if you didn’t know that, then you’ve never been to any of my classes or probably met me before. I’ve completed two full distance IRONMAN races (Arizona 2012, Lake Placid 2017) and over 100 Sprint Tri and Olympic distances. The training towards a goal like the IRONMAN is what I’m passionate about - swim, bike, run. I also enjoy writing programming for athletes with similar goals in mind. Because we just moved into the woods, I really enjoy working outside at my house. That might involve chopping wood, chainsawing, or using any of my new tools and power equipment. You should really see my 908 cubic feet per minute, 232 mph, industry-leading Husqvarna leaf blower. My gutters don’t stand a chance! My two boys, ages 1 and 3, keep Laura P. and I pretty busy. We love taking them for bike rides to the park, trips to the zoo and Longwood Gardens, working in our garden, workouts at the Y, and exposing them to our same interests at a young age. I even love taking Miles to Home Depot with me. (Which maybe is why his favorite color is orange?) I love riding my BMW F800-R all year round because I love cold weather as much as I love hot weather. By the way, my first motorcycle five years ago, was a Husqvarna TR-650 Strata, same company as my yard maintenance power equipment collection.

What did you do/or do you do for a career outside of coaching? When I’m not coaching, I’m a Health and Phys Ed Teacher in the Great Valley School District. I was at Upper Merion for the past seven years, teaching and coaching and the High School track team. This year is very special for me because I not only got a job in my home district, but I also was asked to coach the 7th grade girls soccer team, which led to a winter and spring HS track coaching position for a highly ranked program - this was the ultimate goal. To get both of those my first year in the school district is pretty cool. Plus, the HS is only 2 miles down a long, windy hill from my house. It’s a fun bike ride down but not so much back up the hill.

What are your goals and interests as an athlete? One goal is to make it to the box more. Ever since we moved 20 miles away last year, Laura P. and I haven’t been able to make it as much as we’d like. We talk all the time about how we really miss working out with you guys in the KOP community.

Favorite quote(s)?
Just Do It. (Nike got it right.)
“Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.” ― Jesse Jackson

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