Meet the Coaches - Gordy

What credentials do you have?
L1, L2, Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Competitors, CPR

When and why did you become a coach?
After Aimee gave me a spot in both the L2 and Kids seminars, she convinced me to try coaching. I started to shadow our classes in January 2016, and started coaching in June of that year. As for why, I wanted to give back to our athletes some of the amazing things that I learned to do since starting crossfit in March of 2013. I was convinced early on in crossfit that there were just some movements that I would never be able to do at my age and state of conditioning, such as double unders, bar and ring muscle ups, overhead squats, hand stand pushups, hand stand walk. Although I know that some people will never be able to do some of these movements, I enjoy challenging our athletes to try anything as you get stronger and more confident in the other movements. Nothing is more satisfying than helping an athlete get their "first" whatever!

What is the impact you hope that your coaching has on athletes? I want our athletes to feel confident in the methodology that we are giving them to achieve their goals. It's important that they trust the process, not only in the purpose of the daily WOD, but how the daily WOD fits into the long term goal of becoming a better athlete. Also, I want all of our athletes to be comfortable in asking me to help them at anytime with any movement or WOD strategy.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of the gym? I enjoy golfing, reading, landscaping and maintaining our property, fixing power equipment and things around the house, traveling, enjoying our dogs, and keeping up with the latest developments in autos and the aerospace world.

What did you do/or do you do for a career outside of coaching? I retired from 30 years in the aerospace industry, working for a British company that made parts and equipment for airplanes and jet engines.

What are your goals and interests as an athlete? Number 1 goal is to stay injury free! At 63, it takes longer to heal, which means less time in the gym. By staying injury free, I can maintain exceptional health for many years to come! My primary interest as an athlete is to continue my crossfit journey of challenging myself to become better at all movements. Through this I will achieve my secondary goal of playing good golf for many more years.

Favorite quote(s)?
"If your on time, your 10 minutes late!"(CEO of last employer);
"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."(Vince Lombardi);
"Number 1 like yourself. Number 2, you have to eat healthy. And number 3, you have to squeeze your buns."(Richard Simmons)

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