Athlete of the Month


Current Location: King of Prussia, PA 
Hometown: King of Prussia, PA
Age: 28
Occupation: Marketing Research
College: Bloomsburg University

How long have you been a CrossFitter? 2.5 years

Did you ever play sports? While growing up, I played softball, volleyball, basketball, and I was swimmer. I still play volleyball for fun on Tuesday nights.

Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you'd like to share? I am a big tv fan, watch a lot of movies, and I have turned into a big reader as I have become older.

What has been your biggest achievement at CrossFit in the 2017 year? Probably, finishing 4th with Kris at Girls on Girls in April. I go into all CrossFit workouts just trying to survive, and sometimes that barely happens. But during GOG, we worked well together, picked each other up, and pushed ourselves really hard.

What do you feel that you still need to work on? Probably everything, but if I had to pick a couple it would be pull-ups, running, cleaning up my lifts, and handstand pushups.

Goals for the rest of this year? To consistently make it to WODs (or workout) even though I have started to become busier with work and life.

What's your favorite WOD? Definitely a strength one. Anything with a heavy barbell.

How about your favorite food/snacks? All the food and snacks, but if I had to pick one, it would be brownies.

What is the craziest workout outside of CF you have ever done? Probably the Spartan Race at Citizens Bank Park, which I did a couple years ago and have wanted to do again ever since. I also did a half marathon, which was a crazy amount of running for me, but I am glad I did it because it taught me that I can be comfortable with running.

What’s your least favorite WOD? Really, a lot of them are bad so I would say a lot.

Favorite lift/movement? Rowing, double unders, and anything with a barbell.

What’s your least favorite lift/movement? Pullups, running, and box jumps. 

What skill are you planning on working on as the new year 2017 rolls on? T2Bs, stringing pullups, handstand pushups, cleaning up my lifts, and more!

Whats your favorite piece of workout "gear"? My jump rope. I am a big believer in getting your own for double unders, it helped me a lot. My most recent new favorite piece is my lifters, after people telling me to buy them forever. I bought the Nike Romaleos 3 and I love them.

What you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? Probably my strength. I didn't know how strong I could be, but I feel like I have consistently become stronger and stronger over the last two a half years.

Who is your favorite coach? Definitely all of them. Each has taught me something that has helped improve my ability in CrossFit. Giuls makes sure I rx the weight for all my workouts with her, which almost kills me a lot of time. I am thankful for it though, and even more thankful when I get away with scaling and her not catching up until the end. Aimee just taught me the j hook, which was pretty exciting earlier this week. Steph always helps me with tips and gives me stuff to work on for my lifts. Rachel helped me with my handstand pushups and made me think that I could RX them eventually. Jenna has taught me more and more, which I like a lot, but Jenna really helped my double unders click after a lot of time practicing. Tim with the running, Jill A with everything, and Jason only coached me once and that was great.

PR's to mention? Goals Reached? Nutrition highlights?.. I've definitely cleaned up my nutrition since starting CrossFit, but I can definitely improve. I am at 185 with the clean and jerk and 135 with the snatch, but I still want more there too. Probably the biggest thing that crossfit has given me is the ability to believe that I can do anything. I never thought that I would be able to do a single pullup or a single rope climb, but now I can do both. There is always room to get better, but CrossFit has given me the confidence to work at it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys really are the best and I appreciate everything that CrossFit has done for me.

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