The King and Queen of Prussia Workouts

Masters athletes will perform WOD 3 only. 
WOD 1: “Rampage”

To attain the throne, the members of the court will encounter many trials and tribulations. All will fall but those that are worthy will get up the fastest. The first test of the future royalty is as follows:

50 Deadlifts
Box Jumps
Bar Facing Burpees
50 Deadlifts
For this challenge, there will be a 10 minute time cap. Each rep not completed will add another second to the final time. Lords will lift 135# and leap to a 24” box while Ladies will lift 95# and leap to a 20” box. 

WOD 2: “Bring Out Your Dead”
In the aftermath of the first battle, the kingdom will be in ruins. Before the coronation, the land must be cleared. In the second test of fitness, each member of the court will transfer 1000# of weight down the gym and back. As the field will be covered in dead bodies, the Lords and Ladies may only carry one item at a time. The winner will be determined by how much weight has been returned to the original pile before the time expires. The time limit will be announced at the K&Q.

WOD 3: “Ascension to the Throne”
As the dust settles, a new dawn arises. Many are distraught but a few are still determined to make their houses proud. Word has spread throughout the kingdom of a document being found in the castle that details how the new King and Queen must be identified. Excited to find out what it is, those that think they are worth rush to the castle, but not without difficulty….
AMRAP in 15 minutes
15 Calorie Row
20 Push Press
25 Kettlebell Swings
The Lords will press 45# and swing 53# while the Ladies will press 33# and swing 35#

As a reminder the estimated time line is:

Timeline, Saturday July 30th:

Arrive: 8:00AM - Registration begins 

Announcements: 8:45AM - Standards and details of the day 
WOD: 9:15AM - First heat begins
(there will be approximately 3 workouts and one championship wod)
Masters WOD: 1:00PM
Event End: 3:00PM ...Estimated

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