for time:
30 Clean and Jerks
Women 95#
Men 135#

Community Notes:
Today's classes (9/10:00 AM) and Open Gym from 11-1:00PM will be held at the Annex.  CrossFit Kids class is cancelled today.

On Labor Day, Monday 9/2, CrossFit KoP will be open for a 10:00 and 11:00AM Class (are you ready for the "hopper") and 12:00 Barbell Club.  This will count as a regular class for members, Friends and Family are welcome.
“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” 
– Marv Levy


Sarah J. said...

Lam 9:11 Rx
Diane 4:40 Rx
John M. 5:30 105#
Sara 5:36 63#
Erika 4:16 75#
Tom 5:27 105#

Anne 3:38 55#
Fayth 3:22 65#
Kate C. 2:55 Rx
Arin 4:49 75#
Shawna 5:28 55#
Manisha 4:51 35#
James N. 2:54 Rx

Shout out to Lam for his first Rx Grace! Shawna- huge improvement on form. Your technique has come a long way!

Unknown said...

Thanks to Vinny for pushin me through those last 10 reps! Great coaching, Vinny!