Partner AMRAP in 20 minutes:
9 Toes to bar
7 Deadlifts (155/225)
5 Push Jerk (95/135)

Partners will alternate rounds one athlete working at time.  The pair will get two bars to complete the workout.

Community Notes:
The next Level 1 seminar at CrossFit King of Prussia will be on October 12th and 13th. Click here to register today. 

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” 
– Joshua J. Marine


Chris P. said...

JZ, happy birthday buddy! As one of the longest tenured KoP members, you still show up and put in hard work and are always sure to welcome new people. You're one of the most selfless, yet hilarious guys I know...good job, keep it up! If any of you don't know JZ, you're missing out!

Megs said...

Happy Birthday JZ!!!! Keep squatting heavy :-) You were one of the first people to say hi to me when I joined KOP back at Transaxle and I bet there are many more current members who could say the same thing!

Paul S said...

Susan&Beth 12 SC
Chip& Joe G. 13+9 SC
Steph C.&Sue L. 13+4 SC
Diane&Alison K. 17+1 SC
Joy& Jill H. 12+15 SC
Pam 8 #140/#85
Bri 6+12 #115/#65
Rachael 6+2 #135/#75

Tim P said...

Happy bday little buddy- just a genuine nice guy and CP-Nova nailed it. JZ we all hope you stay within the community in various ways here and there forever; because just having you around spreads so many positive actions.

Miranda said...

JZ!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday buddy! I always look forward to seeing you at the box! An all around great guy! So glad we became friends!

Miranda said...

6am class:

Rebecca/Kathleen 12+13 115/75

Justin rx 9+16
Kyle 225/115 9+16
Mike 135/955

Ellie/Kim G 8+6 145/85
Miranda/Keith 14+1 rx

6am - feel free to message me with feedback from the class, thanks!

JZuck said...

Thanks for the very kind words from some of my favorite CF KOP OG's!! 143 to you all!

Paul S said...

Taryn/Bridget 14+2 135/65
Seshu/Jody 14+11 135(S)115(J)/65
Matt Mc/Gavin 17+2 rx(m) 155/75(g)

Chris P. said...

Brian R/Rob Ph 14+18 scale
Ditty/Regi 13+12 scale
Killa/Bre 13+14 scale
Roman/Joe C 12+10 Rx
Anne/Fayth 14+16 scale
Sam M/Tom 13 scale
Tobin/LP 19+1 Rx respectively

Patrick/Oleg 14+13 Rx
Heather/Megs/Deedee 18+17 Rx (Heather and Dee went at same time, Megs waited til last one was done aka Siamese style)
Marni/Tracy 17+10 scale
Sandeep/Mike C 10+15 scale
Agam/Dave 14+8 scale
Jess S/Shawna 13+19 scale
Chris F/Kevin 15+19 scale
Tobin/Ryebread 14+9 modified

Al/Jeremy 12+7 scale
Matt B/Derreck 13+10 scale
Conn/Borden 14 scale
Alona Kate 18+1 scale
Vinny/Gene 17:12 Rx+
Mel/Greg 13+1 scale

this workout was about intensity through interval training, a great way to have some positive peer pressure from your partner. If you were able to push yourself just one more degree, aim for that each and every workout, even if you don't have a partner!