Welcome back Jay E!

As many rounds as possible in 25 Minutes of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (35/55#)
12 Pull-ups

Coaches notes:
We are starting to take an extra safety precaution...these runs (as all runs in the future) will start at the barricades and finish there. Please walk across the road to insure your safety prior to entering the box before the next exercise of the round.  We can happily add an extra 5 seconds to the wod (per round) or deduct (based on the wod) if you feel the extra 15 feet of walking has inhibited your time/reps please talk to your coach. 

Community Notes:
All weekend classes (8/31 and 9/1) including Sunday's Open Gym from 11-1PM will be held at the Annex this weekend.

On Labor Day, Monday 9/2, CrossFit KoP will be open for a 10:00 and 11:00AM Class and 12:00 Barbell Club.  This will count as a regular class for members, Friends and Family are welcome.

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.” 
– Jackie Joyner-Kersee


Mike P said...

Welcome back Jay E!!!!!!!!

Paul S said...


Alison K. 4 RX
Susan 4floss
Chip 5 RX
Fran 5 #18/RR
Rich 4 SC
Jocelyne 4 #18/RR
Josh 4 #35
David 4 #26
Diane 5 Band/Row
Beth 4 #18/RR
Sue 4 #26/Band
Barb 3 RX

Cline said...

Can we still put up something for me to jump over when I run? It's kind of my signature thing. Well, either that or my noodle arms.

Jay E said...

Glad to be back.
Hey Cline, there was an RV there this morning. you could try to hurdle that.

Stephanie Vincent said...

JAY!!!!!! We missed you!

Chris P. said...

Anne Br 4 row/18/rr
WW 5 half pu
John M 4 band
Brian R 5 Rx
Tracy 5 band
Jill 4 band
Dave 4 band
Roman 6 Rx
Joe C 5 Rx

Klutch 5 Rx
Jill 5 26/band
Flounder 4 band
Heather 5 Rx
Lizzie 4 26/rom
Deedee 4 Rx
Cindy 4 26/rr
Jess S 4 band
Shawna 4 18/rr
Agam 5 35#

Vinny 6 Rx
Kate C 6 Rx
Oleg 5 Rx
Bre 4 Rx
Cline 4 35/band
Matt B 4 Rx
Jeremy 4 band
Conn 5 Rx
Jaime 5 26/rr
Shannon 5 26/rr
Kelly 5 26/sc
Borden 4 Rx
Greg 4 Rx

Nice job folks, definitely an aerobic energy state. Welcome to Cindy to her first official CF class!

Unknown said...


Alex CA 3 RX
Al 6 RX
Steph 5 Band/20#
Seshu 6 Band/35#
Gavin 4 45#

Welcome to Alex from Fontana CA!!

john said...

BR 》RX. Please note Brian @ 430pm used a 53# for one round. RX denied!!

Please make correction

Paul S said...

WW you are the man. #integrity

Miranda said...

I never submitted this last night, sorry.

Jay E 4 scale
Pete 6 rx
Mike P 7 rx
Rebecca 6 rr
Chris 6 rx
Mike S 4 scale russian swings
KT 6 rx
King 5 rx
Roni 5 rx
Gina 5 floss
T2 4 floss 45#
Erika 5 rx
Lauren 5 rr
Steve Z 5 row
Brian E 4 rr