For time:
100 Double Unders

Muscle Ups

100 Double Unders

Community Notes:
All weekend classes (8/31 and 9/1) including Sunday's Open Gym from 11-1PM will be held at the Annex this weekend.

On Labor Day, Monday 9/2, CrossFit KoP will be open for a 10:00 and 11:00AM Class and 12:00 Barbell Club.  This will count as a regular class for members, Friends and Family are welcome.

"Everything has got to work and play at the same time. You gotta stay tight, you gotta have fast hands, you gotta drive your body down, you gotta stay tight. And I'm not saying tight, I'm saying very, very tight."
-- Coach Mike Burgener


Tim P said...


whereas JMU=jumping muscle up and rr=ring row

Rebecca 10:50 dips/RingRows
Gina 13:16 scale
Roni 10:38 scale
Kristin T 11:45 scaled/rr
Erika 12:56 dips
Ellie 10:33 scaled
King 10:16 JMU
Peter W 8:55 JMU
Mike S 17:12 scaled
Brian H 12:30 s.u. rr
Nora 12:51 rr
Keith B 13:30 Rx

Unknown said...


Rachael 16:29 SC
Mike C 20:25 SC

Paul S said...

Josh 19:00SC
Jocelyne 18:30SC
Beth 15:03SC
Eileen 14:18SC
Jen F. 10:48SC
Sue 11:16SC
Jonathan 10:38SC
Jessica (LuLu) 14:35
Meghan 13:29SC
Susan 14:59SC
Seshu 13:23SC
Steph C. 8:59SC
Anne 11:59SC
Fayth 10:53SC
Tim Mcc. 12:20 ROW
Brett 13:13 JMU
Shannon 12:32SC
Jaime 11:10SC

Keith B said...


Jill 17:21 sc
Regi 11:53 sc
Mike T 10:09 Rx
Mike F 12:25 sc
Shawn N 11:01 sc
Sharon 18:54 sc
WW 8:35 sc


Jason I 12:53 sc
Kate C 18:00 Rx
Brian R 10:25sc
Tracy 15:48 scale
Dee 11:21 sc
Kyle B 18:50 sc
Joe P 16:13 su
Heather 12:22 sc
Dave N 18:34 sc
Laura 9:24 JMU
Liz 11:57 scale
Miranda 11:59 rr/dip
Manisha 12:00 sc


Johnny 11:34 jmu
Lauren 16:56 scale
Vinny 11:39 Rx
Sam 12:22 Rx
GJ 13:22 sc
Greg 13:40 sc
Stasie 16:18 sc
Shawn T 10:29 jmu
Matt Mc 9:58 Rx
Nick 14:29 Rx
Hannah 17:33 sc
Matt B 13:42 jmu
Kate K 10:15 sc