4 Rounds for time of:
500 Meter Row (or) 400 Meter Run
100 ft overhead walking lunge with 25/45# plate
20 Burpees

*Athletes can choose a Row or Run for this WOD.

Community Notes:
We will be running a special MLK day WOD at 12:00 noon ONLY.  All youth and adult members of CFKoP & family and friends are invited to participate in our Steve's Club King of Prussia MLK Day of Service Workout. The workout will be in honor of the 27 people that lost their life on December 14, 2012 in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.
In addition to the Workout, we will launch the "27 Acts of Kindness Challenge." Participants commit to doing one act of kindness (no matter how small) starting on January 21st, through the month of February.

Following the MLK Day of service WOD everyone is invited to lunch at Chick's Tavern (Chickstavern.net) located less than a mile from the box at 231 East Fourth Street. The restaurant will donate 10% of proceeds to our Steve's Club Chapter. Even if you are not attending the workout, feel free to meet us at for lunch at 1:15pm.

WOD at 12:00 noon only
"The Sandy Hook 27"
27 Burpees
27 Pullups
27 Thrusters (55/75#)
27 Box Jumps (21/25')
27 KB Swings (35/55#)
27 Goblet Squats (35/55#)

"Luck is being ready for the chance."
-James Frank Dobie

Cris A. 19:48 rx (row)
Dinger 28:10 35# (row)
Steve Z. 28:14 scale (row)
Kathleen 27:01 rx (row)
Lauren 27:13 Rx- run
King 18:59 Rx- run
Nick C 23:54 Rx- run
Pete 21:38 Rx- row
Jay E 29:37 Rx-row
Oleg 25:31 Rx-row
Barb 27:37 18# row
Sarah W Mod run
Mike W 26:35 25# run
David C 27:12 10# row
KT 20:17 Rx row
Diane 28:55 Rx row
Rachael 26:12 Rx run
Jessie S 25:47 Rx run
Andrew 25:04 25# row
Mike T 22:14 Rx row
Ryan B 23:15 Rx row
Jack 31:30 15# row
Steph I 30:31 15# row
Justin R 21:56  25# row (3 rds)
Mike P 21:04 Rx row
Gene 22:36 Rx run
Olan 26:41 Rx run
Paul 31:51 85# front lunge row
Brynsie 20:40 Rx run
Joe C 26:36 Rx row
Matteo 26:02 25# run
Cory S 27:31 35# run
Jonathan 28:45 25# run
Justin Rih 19:59 Rx run
Ryan S 24:29 35# run
Patrick 25:27 Rx run
Conn 24:44 Rx run
Borden 25:44 Rx run
Dan M 25:13 (35) run
Balmer 19:36 Rx run
Faby 18:38 Rx row
Derreck 29:40 Rx row
Dave S 27:38 (35) row
Big Al 20:45 row


Jen Naspinski said...

Please post the details about the 27 acts of kindness. I won't be able to participate at noon tomorrow, but would like to be a part of the challenge.

Stephanie Vincent said...

I will put the details up on Facebook and on these comments tommorow :)

Mike T. said...

Cris A. 19:48 rx (row)
Dinger 28:10 35# (row)
Steve Z. 28:14 scale (row)
Kathleen 27:01 rx (row)

Keith B said...



Lauren 27:13 Rx
King 18:59 Rx
Nick C 23:54 Rx


Pete 21:38 Rx
Jay E 29:37 Rx
Oleg 25:31 Rx

Keith B said...



Conn 24:44 Rx
Borden 25:44 Rx
Dan M 25:13 (35)
Balmer 19:36 Rx


Faby 18:38 Rx
Derreck 29:40 Rx
Dave S 27:38 (35)
Big Al 20:45