MLK Day...27 Acts of Kindness

"The Sandy Hook 27"
27 Burpees
27 Pullups
27 Thrusters (55/75#)
27 Box Jumps (21/25')
27 KB Swings (35/55#)
27 Goblet Squats (35/55#)


Steph V. said...

A BIG thanks to everyone who came out today, there were 40 people that did the workout!!! It is truly great to see the generations come together.

If you weren't at the workout but would like to participate in the 27 Acts of Kindness Challenge, here are the details.

You have from now until the end of February to complete 27 acts of kindness. They can be small or big, recognized or anonymous.

There is a poster at the front door, to which a paper chain is attached. When you complete an act of kindness, attach one link to the chain (you can write on it what it was or leave it blank.) Your commitment to do the acts can be the first link you add. There is paper with the poster.

Here are the scores as they were posted.

Peterson 13:15
Arin :)
Luca 13:00
Aimee 13:58 (95/44)
Tim Mc 9:58
Schaefer 10:03
Sam B 7:29
Brian R 12:55
Becky 16:29
Meg 9:40
Kate C 9:57
Mike Fab 12:45
Chip 12:04
Alison 13:28

Kim C 7:40
WW 14:25
Catherine 9:47
Cris 9:09
Andrea 8:50
Jovina 8:50
Rob PH 11:03
Melissa 11:40
J-Mo? 12:42
Lizzie 13:10
Kathy 13:59
Miranda 15:05
Bre 14:24
Luke T 15:07
Dinna? 8:56
Amanda 11:55
Diane 13:04
Jerry 11:54
Shawn 11:00
Stacy 12:58
Founder 16:30

Arin said...

Pretty sure Luca was not RX