January AOTM

Congratulations RONI!
I got married after college and had my 2 children. As a family we spent a great deal of time outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, swimming and well just ….being active. I have been extremely fortunate in that I have never been sick, injured or unable to do the things I enjoy doing. I am very grateful for that!! I started reffing women’s lacrosse the summer Cristofer was born. I currently officiate at the college level and that requires I stay fit.  

I remember when I turned 40 everything hurt and I felt like I was falling apart. I thought to myself, how will I ever make it to 50? Those ten years flew by and when I turned 50 I felt worse. I had already had one minor knee surgery and the doc told me I couldn’t run any more for training. He told me I had to start cross training. I knew he was right I just didn’t want to stop running so I ran in the woods. That lasted a few more years then I really had to stop because my knees felt so badly. Then I injured my shoulder building a patio in my back yard. It was hurting all the time and I had very little range of motion. I was losing interest in working out and I was feeling my age, which sucked. The summer of 2010 I started doing P90X. I worked at it hard for about 3 months then it was back to feeling no motivation to work out in my basement.  I was using my elliptical for all my work outs (also in my basement) and was slowing losing interest in everything.
Last Thanksgiving, my niece and nephew, Becca and Lam, were talking about Crossfit and how awesome it was. It sparked my interest so I did some research on line. Really??? Me, olympic lifting??  I was interested in a change and needed something to motivate me again, but my reservations about joining a gym were huge. I have only been a member of a “gym” once in my life, years ago.  I just didn’t see myself going to a gym to work out. I finally agreed to give it a shot.

I went to a “Friends and Family” day right after Christmas, 2011 and honestly that was all it took. I was hooked. I never in a million years would have predicted how much I love waking up at 5am to get to the gym to work out 3 mornings a week. Not when I was feeling so unmotivated only a few short months prior. One of the things I like most about Crossfit is the short bursts of high intensity WOD’s. I have always been a sprinter, not a distance runner, so I feel like these work outs were built for me. I am challenged every day and have grown both as an athlete physically and mentally. Who knew there were still some years left in me to learn as an athlete?? I can honestly say, I am in the best shape I have ever been in.  And I am motivated again! Once again, I can chase those college girls up and down the lacrosse field and actually stay up with them.  

I would have never guessed that the biggest benefit of all is the community, camaraderie, support, positive encouragement and friendships I have gained just from being a member at CrossfitKOP.  Wow! That says a lot! I am so grateful for all that Crossfit brings into my life. I love working out with Cris too! (when I can wake him up…haha). 

Get to Know Roni. – Q &A:

Hometown:  Worcester, PA

Current Location:  North Wales, PA

Age: 52

Occupation: Office Manager  Project Learn School

College: Temple Univ. 

How long have you been a CrossFitter? Exactly 1 year. I started Jan 1 2012!

Did you ever play sports?  I was a dancer for 8 years with Pennsylvania Ballet when I was younger. At around 7th grade I had to make a decision to continue with dance or start playing sports in school. No matter how much I stretched, I could not do a split. The idea of running around a field appealed to me much more.  My college education was paid for playing field hockey and lacrosse.  I captained both teams my senior year and was an All American in both sports. I also won a National Championship in lacrosse my junior year.

What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit? Being able to do a pull up. I couldn’t even hang from the bar when I started, my shoulders were so tight and weak. I set a goal for myself to do a pull up by the end of the year. I managed to accomplish mu goal by August which was awesome.

What do you feel that you still need to work on? Oh wow there are so many things to work on… every day brings a new challenge.  I want to focus on the techniques of each lift so I am able to do them correctly which will help me in the long run lift more weight.

Goals for the rest of this year?  I want to get stronger, all around in 2013. I want to continue to work on my techniques. I want to get the movement in the push jerk down. I want to possibly compete in the Masters Division. That’s a hefty goal.

What's your favorite WOD? If I could remember one WOD from the next I might be able to tell you that. Grace, Tom, Dick, Harry I have no idea how you all remember them by name. I can’t. All I know is, they all pretty much suck (in a good way) until their over…. then I love all of them.

What is the craziest insane workout outside of CF you have ever done? I don’t really do crazy insane things (I did once jump out of a plane in my younger years). I went for a run in a hurricane once but that was just plain stupid. This past year I did my first sprint triathlon. That felt crazy. Not sure if I’m going to do that again.

What’s your least favorite WOD? Not really sure since I can’t remember.

What’s your favorite lift? Well every time I look at the WOD I have to ask Cris to show me what the lift is. I can’t remember one lift from the other. I’m seeing a theme here. Showing my age I guess

What’s your least favorite lift? Shoulder presses and the snatch. Not a fan of either.

What skill do you want to work on in 2013 the most? Increasing my weights, more pull ups strung together, handstand pushups without a plate and sit-up cushion.

What's your favorite foods, and snacks? I eat pretty well. I have been a vegetarian (though I do eat fish) since I was 10 years old. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.I love a good salad.  I am however, a french fry junkie and ice cream is a favorite too.

Whats your favorite piece of workout "gear"? I’m really not a gear hound, I never was – I do like the new tights Cris just got me for Xmas from Athleta. 

What you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? I feel like my overall core strength has been my biggest improvement. 

Who is your favorite coach? I am a 6amer so if I have to pick a few favorites I’d have to say Steph, Tim, Laura, Mike and Vinny though he never remembers to put my name on the board..haha. Jason scares me a little though I would like to work out more with him. And Aimee has been so awesome teaching me techniques during our on- on-one sessions. All of the coaches are awesome!!


Kathleen said...

Congrats Roni! Which I had known when I saw you this morning you would be our first AOTM in the new year. Well deserved!

Paul S said...

Congrats Roni! Well deserved!

Sam B. said...

Hi Roni-
Congrats on AOTM!!

Gina Spinelli said...

Ahhhhh Roni!!!!! My fellow 6am'er! I always love working out with you and getting to know you! This is so well deserved... Congrats, you Rock!!!! :)

Wax said...

Cograts Roni!! Well deserved and always great to workout with you at 6am.

Mike T. said...

Roni, being the 1st AOTM for 2013 is very well deserved. It is a pleasure to coach you and see you kill it at 6am (and watching you usually smoke Cris). Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Patrick said...

Congrats Roni -

You are an inspiration for all of us to keep fighting and keep active regardless of our age.

Ken Blackwell said...

Congrats Roni!

Joy N said...

Congratulations, Roni!

Denise said...

Congrats Roni! I have never had the chance to work out with you but I am looking forward to it!

Kristin T. said...

congrats Roni! You have made so much progress in only the short time that you have been doing CrossFit! So proud of you! And I'm so glad that you and Cris joined the 6am club! It's always great to see you in the AM! Good luck in the Open this year....and keep rockin' it!!!

Jason Lyons said...

I love reading these things! All American in two sports! The French call that Le'Git!

You should also wear your ring to every class and have all people you beat kiss it. That would be swell.

Finally, how am I scary? Weirdo!

King said...


How awesome to see you as AOTM. I really enjoy working out with you in the am's. You bring it all every class. You have made such huge strides in your strength/skills over the past year - I am really impressed! Well deserved!

Unknown said...

Congrats Roni! I had no idea you reffed college lacrosse, that is awesome!

Mike P said...

Woot!!!! Congrats!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I truly would not have made such strides without all your support and encouragement! 6am you rock!!

Chip said...

Congrats Roni. You are a well deserved AOTM!

Anonymous said...

Roni, you're a great choice for AOM! By the way, I thought you were closer to 32 than 52!

Brian R

Jen S. said...

Congrats Roni :)

Mike and Sarah Worth said...

Congratulations, Roni!

Mike S said...

Roni, congrats on this well deserved recognition! You are a terrific athlete, and I enjoy working out with you at 6AM. You are going to kill it in the open this year!

Rebecca said...

Congrats, Roni!!! You are an inspiration and I love all the enthusiasm and helpful tips you bring to 6a.m.! Way to go! So well deserved.

Stasie said...

Congratulations Roni!

Miranda said...

Congratulations Roni!!!!!

Jen Naspinski said...

Congrats, fellow Bar Belle. Looking forward to working with you on Monday nights since there is NO way I would ever be at the gym at 6am ;)

Lauren M said...

Congrats Roni!! Way to go, very well deserved