W.O.D. 4.9.11


T & P Adventures
Meet Coaches Tim & Plentus for the newest Adventure WOD. The Workout begins promptly at 10AM. Park at Frosty Falls and meet under the Gazebo.

CrossFit KoP is hosting a Kids Certification this weekend and we will not be running any regularly scheduled classes. We apologize for any inconveniences, but know T & P will take good care of you!

Community Notes:
CrossFit Inspire is hosting the Open Sectional WOD #3 today at 10AM. CrossFit King of Prussia will host next week 4/16.

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- Tom Peters


Peterson said...

Thanks for a great workout guys. Also big props for putting up with Lindsey and my entourage. They definitely enjoyed it!

Tim P said...

Nice Work this morning KOP... We put 17 of you thru a super delicious team WOD looking something like this:

In 15 MIN
Work with a Team of 4 athletes to complete as many SlamBalls and as many DU/SU as possible while one person runs a NovaLoop (250m ah! a little muddy) and then each member of the team rotates once that runner gets back to the team. The only rest station is as soon as you get back from that loop. Then, rotate!

Team PR40, 30#slamball: 1902points

Team Naptime, 10#slamball: 2436points

Team Slam! deh dah dah..., 20#slamball: 1931points

Team HOBAM, 15#slamball: 3008points

The TPSpecial, cash out:
1 Nova Loop SPRINT race, an all out effort by everyone!

Chris P. said...

pictures from this wod, even if you're not on facebook: