W.O.D. 4.3.11

4 Rounds for time of:
400M Run
50 Squats

Community Note:
Good luck to all the competitors at the South Philly Rumble.
CrossFit KoP is representing with three teams competing!
Team A-Cate, Nikki, John & Mike
Team B-Miranda, Jay E, Mike F & Steph V.
Team C-Mel, Shoeless, Todd & Donkey

“A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.”
-Marcus Aurelius


Peterson said...

Nice. The 5k that Lindsey and I did today at the track seems a little unnecessary in retrospect...

Chris P. said...

folks doing the south philly rumble, have fun! way to represent kop and get a good team wod in

Jas, Peterbutt got 2 muscle ups this morning, you better come back from that gymnastics cert with good tips!

Jim Curran said...

Good luck in South Philly yo! That's a solid team

Just did todays WOD in a hotel gym, was rolling on the t'mill at a lusty 10.6. Haven't done that since I was drunk at a high school party on a dare.. Bout a little into my second 4hundo I realized that was 10.6 km per hour and was instantly reminded that I didn't transform into Timmy P overnight. Need to refresh my metrics

Jeff said...

Sunday morning results:

9AM class

Lindsey 16:29
Howard 16:14
Peterson 13:47
P Lentus 11:43
Ditty 15:27
Steve Z. 11:22 (modified WOD 3 rnds 500m row + 20 squats)

10AM class

Kristin T 14:43
Sheng-Ching 23:57
Daniella 25:21
Elyse 16:57
Jessica S 19:44
Jess C 20:46
Jason B. 12:38
Liz 15:20
Cindy 13:33 (modified WOD 3 rnds 500m row + 20 squats)

Nice work everyone! I saw a ton of really nice squats, great depth and full extension up top, and nice times on the splits. A special shout-out to Peterson for his first muscle-ups, one before and one after class, way to go!

donkey said...

yeahhhhhh peterbutt! get some!
jimmy c: miss you already!
Rumblers: way to kick some ass today...nice job all around.

Laura Pappas said...

Did this in the corp center, 13 even and then did turn the garden soil over for time.
hope you guys had fun at the rumble today.
Jim too funny, remember to convert your weight too! 1 Kg is 2.2lbs :)

Aimee Lyons said...

Way to go Peterson!!! Congrats on the MU. Now do 30 for time!

Jim, 10.6 mph is right around the corner if you keep up the good work...at least you didn't get thrown off and get asked if you had any idea what you were doing like someone else in the gym!