W.O.D. 4.15.11


Station Rotation

Push Press 1RM

Reverse Hyper 20 reps x 3 sets

Bamboo Bar Overhead Squats

Is Sugar Toxic by Gary Taubes

"The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it."
~Charles DeLint

Bekah 85
Meghann 105
Mike S 85
Nina 115
Kim G 85
Kathleen 80
Laura 110
Megs 95
Rachael 80
JP 95 form
Joe 225 jerk form
Dorothy 95
Karin 75
Tim H 95
Denise 85
Lindsey 110
Shoeless 135
Clay 160
Rob P 205
Sandy 65
Jason Ba 175
Nicole 110
Cline 115
Catherine 55
Kevin 205
Mel 115
Arthur 115
Brian 175 jerk
Rob Ph 205
Bre 55
Pat 165
Howard 165
Olan 175
Josh S. 115


Jeff said...

6AM early risers:

Bekah 85 PP/35.2 OHS
Meghann 105 PP/37 OHS
Mike S 85 PP/35.2 OHS
Nina 115 PP/35.2 OHS
Kim G 85 PP/35.2 OHS

Results are totals for push press and bamboo bar OHS. Nice work all, especially with the bamboo bar OHS!

Anonymous said...

Check out this article on 5 things to know about Omega-3's by Need to Know from PBS:



Kerbear said...

I will be hosting a swim clinic at The Haverford School in May - please let me know if you are interested so I know how much time to book the pool for. If you have any questions please ask. For those who don't know me - I'm an ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) certified coach, have coached athletes of all levels from 3-4 year olds up to 60+, have had athletes qualify for Olympic trials and had one hold a national age group record. I currently coach at Notre Dame Academy and I personally swam for Penn State winning it's first two Big Ten Championships.

Jason Lyons said...

Ker, what date?

Chris P. said...

mercury shouldn't be a concern in fish oil since mercury is contained in the muscle of fish, not the fat. Also, don't even get me started on #5. Yes, lower your omega-6's but not by eating whole grains!

Kerbear said...

Jas - I'm looking at 7-8 but might be the following ... I'm pretty open to dates.

Nikki said...

5:30 and 6:30 results

Karin 23/75
Tim H 18/95
Denise 18/85
Lindsey 18/110
Shoeless 135
Clay 40/160
Rob P 35/205
Sandy 18/65
Jason Ba 35/175
Nicole 110
Cline 28/115

Nina said...

Kerbear- not sure that I met you yet but I am interested in your swimming clinic I have swam for 15 years and for ku..they are no Penn state but hey anymore info let me know please..