Specialty Clinics & Thursday Strength

We have heard your requests and are offering two FREE specialty skill clinics for our members. There will be at least three coaches on hand (one per station) so you can decide which you would like to attend or switch between all three.

Thursday May 12th at 6:00PM
Kipping (regular & butterfly)
Muscle Up
Handstand (wall & floor)

Thursday May 26th at 6:00PM
Rope Climbing
Wall Climbing

This Thursday 4/14 is Open Gym. Also, anyone who cannot make it to our Open Sectional on Saturday 4/16 is welcome to complete WOD 11.4 this Thursday from 5-6:30.

Our "structured" Barbell strength class will resume in May 5/5 (along with the Open Gym for the first Thursday of the month).


shoeless said...

This is great news!

KSB said...

Thanks, coaches. You are all so generous with your time.

Laura Pappas said...

I'd love to do the muscle up clinic, too bad we didn't do that last weekend!

Nikki said...

Laura - wanna work them this Thursday?

Laura Pappas said...

Nikki - I have to do the wod tonight so yeah I wanna work on them :)