W.O.D. 4.12.11

Box Jumpers

Karen-Jumping Pull-ups

JZ-A blur on the KTE's

Nikki- Push Press

Filthy Fifty
50 Box jump, 25/21 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 35#/55#
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45/35 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

(compare 12.18.10)

6 Exercise Machines to Avoid

Back Squatting with Josh Wagner - video [wmv] [mov]

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
--William Shakespeare


Kurt 34:04
Dorothy 31:37
Vinny 28:14
Jerry 31:27
Todd 36:44 (70kbs)
Tim 24:42
Jen C 22:37(45 lb push press)
Chris P 23:10
Jen S 29:10
Donkey 35:38 (9' wb)

Laura 22:11
Gabe 34:28
Mike F. 35:11
Miranda 33:32
Brian R. 39:17
Megs 29:40
Killa B. 32:42
Olan 37:37
Kevin 33:47
Peterson 30:05
Danny 28:43

WW 39:28
JZ 39:08
Steph V. 35:09
Jim B. 40:42
Josh C. 43:00
Rob Ph. 35:02
Gina 41:37
KSB 39:24
Karen 42:23
Howard 40:30
Ben 42:24
Kevin P. 41:00
Jess S. 40:52
Sandy 30:41
Amy B. 25:35 (30reps)
Andrea B. 20:55 (1/2)
Melinda 39:49
Cline 36:06
Nicole S 34:23, SU
Sheng Ching 40:42, SU
Lizzie 34:25, DC KTE
Charles 46:05, 45#KB
Paul F 32:56, 45#KB
Kelly G 24:29, 30 reps, SU
Patti 24:03, 30 reps, SU
Josette 28:33, 30 reps, form
Nicole G 19:59, 30 reps
Chris T 31:46 (step ups and ROM on KTE)
Kara 30:43 (step ups, single unders, ROM on KTE & 10 lb wall ball)


Nikki said...

OK this blog is so quiet I can hear crickets chirping. So... here's a question for you all:

What are your forecasts for Open WOD 4?

I'm thinking (OK, hoping!) we'll have a chipper with a few key CF moves we haven't seen yet (pull-ups, KBS, T2B, OHS, etc). But they seem to be loving the AMRAP concept. So I could also see a 20 min AMRAP with rowing, OHS, and PU... Anyone else?

Laura Pappas said...

I think we're going to see pull ups, OHS, and KBs at some point.

I'm with you in hoping for a chipper, maybe they'll do a chipper in an AMRAP format so that you still count reps.

Jason Lyons said...

I think strengthish again. With a medium level of skill required. OHS here we come!!!

Max OHS 225/135 in 7 minutes, coming off of the ground.


Jason Lyons said...

i would be shocked to see pull-ups unless they outlaw butterfly because positioning the camera would be a nightmare.

i dont think we see chipper either because who wants to watch a 30 minute video...let alone thousands of them!

karen largent said...

god, i hope it's NOT pullups because then i am just knocked right out of that game.

Danny said...

I think definitely KB Swings but what about hand stand push ups and a heavy deadlift? An amrap version of Diane...but with a 275 dead?

Anonymous said...

I am anticipating AMRAP KBS,Burpees and Squats. I hope to see another strength WOD in the future for some redemption.

Jay E

Megs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megs said...

AMRAP in 12 of beers consumed (16-oz/12-oz)

donkey said...

i agree with Jason's reasoning and do not believe we will see any chippers. if they do, it will be the last WOD so they have to watch the fewest videos.

i'm also betting on another strength move, a couplet this time or maybe CFT--that isn't an AMRAP but it won't take forever to watch on vid.

if it's a couplet it will include a somewhat eliminating move again just like last week's did. i could definitely see heavy OHS and heavy KBS--hell if the go heavy enough on the OHS weight they don't need to kill you with KBS. i think pullups are a challenge to judge on vid, but i could see HSPU making it in. i doubt they'll go to 135/225 OHS though--that would knock out almost everyone except the very top tier, especially from the floor. i don't think we will see heavy deads (sad face--they've already given us deads and they were wimpy ones).

Jess C. said...

In the "Exercise Machines to Avoid" article, the Roman Chair looks a lot like the GHD for back extensions. Is there any difference?

Jeff said...

I agree that strength will come up again, but I see it as OHS at no more than 135/95, and probably 115/75 to keep it somewhat inclusive. Definitely KBS, again no more than 70/55#. Do not see rowing as it's too difficult to document, but pullups (kipping or deadhang, but not butterfly) is possible depending on camera angle. AMRAP, not a chipper, no more than 20 minute at most due to logistics.

Then again, I still haven't won the Powerball yet, so the crystal ball may be a bit foggy.

Danny said...

Final prediction: 15 min amrap of 5 squats with 225lbs, 10 KB Swings w/55lbs and 15 burpees.

Peterson said...

Wow that workout sucks. For anyone who didn't see, it's 60 burpees over bar (facing the bar), 30 OHS, and 10 muscle ups... YIKES

Tim P said...

Kurt 34:04

Peterson 30:05

Nicole S 34:23, SU
Sheng Ching 40:42, SU
Lizzie 34:25, DC KTE
Charles 46:05, 45#KB
Paul F 32:56, 45#KB
Kelly G 24:29, 30 reps, SU
Patti 24:03, 30 reps, SU
Josette 28:33, 30 reps, form
Nicole G 19:59, 30 reps

Cate said...

Results from the 930 class:

Jen C 22:37 RX (45 lb push press)
Chris P 23:10 RX
Jen S 29:10 RX
Donkey 35:38 (9' wb)

Danny 28:43 DC

Chris T 31:46 (step ups and ROM on KTE)
Kara 30:43 (step ups, single unders, ROM on KTE & 10 lb wall ball)

Jerry said...

Jason - Thanks for the push tonight. I forgot to write that I used the 13"box as an 'ass target' for the wall balls tonight.

Nikki said...

Jess C - I agree the roman chair back extension in the article is very similar to the back extension that we do on the GHD. However, I disagree with the author that it is an unsafe exercise. When we start CrossFit, we all learn very early on that we have WEAK cores, especially lower backs. This affects almost EVERY movement we do in CrossFit. (Think dead lift, KBS, front squat, push jerk, etc.) The GHD back extension is a GREAT way to build lower back / core strength, as long as you are doing the movement properly and keeping a nice tight lumbar.

The author of the article recommends an exercise called the bird-dog. It seems to me that this is a fine exercise, but it definitely uses a much smaller range of motion, and for this reason, it won't produce the same result as a GHD back extension.

For someone who is just starting CrossFit and has a weak back, I would not put them on the GHD right away. We typically start people with "supermans" - which are back extensions on the floor. They have a shorter range of motion and also less loading on the lower back. But once an athlete has the ability to stabilize their core and do GHD back extensions, I'd start moving them to the GHD. The more lower back strength we can develop, the better off we'll be both in the gym and in every day life.

Any time you lift a heavy load - such as picking up a 50# bag of dog food, or helping a friend move a heavy box, or picking up a child - you place pressure on your spine. The author makes it seem like placing pressure on your spine is inherently bad, but really it's just a part of every day life. By training you to safely load your back, we can help ensure you won't get hurt doing these day to day activities outside of the gym.

donkey said...

FWIW i should not have "Rx". i did box steps rather than jumps, and i definitely did not hit KTE more than half the reps--if that :)

Charles said...

Also, 14# wall ball to a 10ft target. Depth every time measured by a wall ball on the ground.