W.O.D. 2.13.11

Happy Birthday Grans

St. Valentines Day Massacre
Each partner must share the work load and complete a portion of the below while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate over head. (Ladies#25/Gentlemen#45). We will scale the load overhead if necessary. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 50 burpees. The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head. Exercises can be completed in any order.

50 Wallballs (14/20#)
75 Kettelbell swings (35/55#)
100 Push Ups
150 Sit-Ups
200 Squats
2 Bridge Runs *
*Snow piles are still prohibiting us from using our 800M Run trail

(compare to 2.13.10 or from 2.14.09 or from 6.24.09)

Community Note:
Today's WOD will only be held at 9:30 AM. Please feel free to bring a friend or sweetheart for to try out CrossFit for Free!

“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.”
—Gabrielle Roth

Aimee/Jason 25:52 45#
Flounder/Jackie 31:47 15#
Gina/Mike F. 28:22 15#
Grans/Jim 31:46 25#
Tim/Laura 24:27 25#
Steph/Vincent 28:10 25#
Kim/Kelly 32:22 10#
Sam/Leland 24:33 15#
Sara/Holly 27:43 10#
Peterson/Nicole 28:53 15#
Tony/Melinda 21:59 25#
Kate/Kirstin 22:07 25#
Jennifer/Prem 23:53 wood
Jen S./Jon 29:38 10#
Howard/Jess C. 27:15 15#
Todd/Andrea 25:44 10# (75 PU)
Megs/Cindy 29:53 10#
Kristin SB/Brad 33:49 15#
Cline/Beth 35:53 15#


The Valentine's Day Squad!

Sure or Un-Sure?!

Jim- "don't you dare drop that plate, we already dropped weight once!"

Andrea's first group WOD!!!

Statue or Jess C?
You decide...


Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Grans! I love your intensity and you set the bar high every time in wods and with everything else. Keep up the great work and have a fabulous birthday.

Patti said...

Happy birthday granny!!!!! Enjoy your day:))

Peterson said...

Happy birthday grans!

Kristen SB said...

Jen, happy birthday! Enjoy your day!

shoeless joe said...

Grans, hope your birthday rocks!

Shawn Tammaro said...


Happy Birthday Granny!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Grans! Love, Love working out with you friend:) Enjoy the day!

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday Granny. You are tough as nails.

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

Happy birthday Grans!

Chris P. said...

yo Grans, happy birthday you crazy monkey swinging on the bars!

Megs said...

Happy Birthday Grans. Don't do anything I wouldn't do while you are celebrating!

KDitty said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Cate said...

Happy birthday jen!!!
You make me proud to be a crossfit mom! Keep it up, girl!

Mom aka GiGi said...

Happy Birthday, you are one amazing girl.
Fondly, Mom

jen.curran@verizon.net said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes you crazy crossfitters!!! I love all of you!

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday grans. you are good people.

Kristin T. said...

Hope you had a nice bday Grans! Your energetic spirit always makes the wods fun!