W.O.D. 2.8.11

Ladies Snatching.

Welcome to Seth's Gun Show!

Tim H. = Fierce!!!

For time:
50 Box Jumps (21/25")
5 Rope Ascents
100 Double Unders
50 sit-ups
Dumbbell Snatch, 25R/25L (25/40#)
50 Back Extensions

"A great calamity is not to have failed, but to have failed to try."
- Unknown

Plentus 15:58
Aimee 17:10
Laura 14:25
Granny 16:51

Ironman 19:24
Tony 21:02
Miranda 22:53
Seth 18:01
Nikki 14:49
Vinny 17:22

Sodah 20:17
CC 17:37
Chris T. 22:45
Kara 17:32
Jon 21:50
Karin 24:12
Tim H. 26:05
Dana 26:00
Dianne 25:07
Denise 23:21
Melinda 26:59
Pat 23:35
Westwood 22:45
Dorothy 21:58
Megs 18:26
Lisa C 20:53
Karen 18:53
Rachael 19:55
Sara B 22:58
Tyler 20:15
Kimberly 14:41
Kathleen 19:37
JZ 20:51
Jim C. 24:43
Christine 21:45
Jen S. 18:04
Sarah J. 15:52
Sharon 32:30
Peterson 23:26
Gary 26:55
Ditty 28:50
Rob P. 23:20
Kurt 19:58
Bob 20:12
Jerry 19:03
Kristen SB 23:08
Danny 21:45
Howard 21:31
JB 22:27
Charles 24:27
Shawn 20:58


Melanie said...

Cline- Steph Vincent put together a private group for KoP members only. She can add you or send me your email and I would be happy to send you the recipe.

Cline said...

Add me, please. You can find me on FB here.

steph v said...

Gotcha Cline!

Here is the link to the group on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_183761644985223

Its a closed group, so content is only viewable to members. I believe anyone can add members to the group. You can also edit your preferences for facebook notifications about contact posted on the group wall. There is a group chat feature, which could come in handy if something needs to be discussed. If an email is sent to crossfitkopers@groups.facebook.com
All members will get a message in their facebook inbox.

Jason Lyons said...

Let's start a discussion. What is your weakest CF movement and what steps have you taken, can you take to get better at it.

I will start....

The MU eludes me. I have a good pull to the chest but I am either coming up at the wrong angle or my transition is horrific and slow. I need to practice my transitions on the rings but I have found that I can do them fairly well but when I get on the rings something else happens and I mess up. I will continue working transitions and once a week try to get on the rings.

Peterson said...

Have you tried video taping yourself Jason? I'm sure that would be a big help.

My weakness is anything that involves arms and core (shoulder press, push ups, HSPU [to paraphrase Jason, I had the loosest core he's ever seen], anything on the rings). I haven't focused on any specific actions to make these any better though yet...

Right now, my main goal is just to become semi-competent at most movements.

Squats were my biggest weakness when I started, but now they're doable (still not easy). I'm sure Jason will prescribe more wall squats.

Jason Lyons said...

peterson. surprisingly, i would recommend wall squats to you. you still have an immature squat so doing wall squats will help tremendously and once you have that down, i would hammer home overhead squats.

i can argue that they are one of the, if not the, best exercise for core development that we do. i think that this would do wonders for you.

Dorothy said...

Deadlifts are my weakest movement.
Therefore I have been doing the Wendler 5-3-1 program and reverse hypers. I believe my weakness is in the back rather than the legs, but could be more even now since my regular deadlift is more than my sumo deadlift.

Anyone have any thoughts on glute ham raises? I am considering adding them to the mix of supplemental exercises.

Joe A said...

I'm incredibly horrible at getting under the loaded bar. So the push jerk, and the squat clean or snatch. I keep mentally trying to picture myself getting underneath the bar but when you feel that load its psychologically hard to get underneath it.

steph v said...

SQUATS: in my estimation the most used fundemental movement in CF. I have many things i may be weak at, but none effects me quite as much as the squat. I have to say the wall squats and some good coaching have me on my way to surpassing this weakness. I have got the depth now...the stability is improving leaps and bounds...now to work on speed! Improving the squat feels like two big huge doors to the crossfit castle are beginning to open to me :-) P.S. I propose Tommorows topic question be:What is your biggest strength in Crossfit?

Meighan said...

My biggest weakness in CF isnt a movement/skill - its' my head! My head limits my abilities more than anything i.e Getting under a heavy load - jerks, cleans, etc!!!

Nikki said...

The movements I'm weakest in are pushups, KBS, and rowing.
I am weakest at these movements because I dislike them and therefore don't practice them enough. I fully recognize that the right answer is to force myself to work on them, so I can get better at them and maybe start to like them more. But I dont want to practice them because I dislike them. Damn circular logic!

Melanie said...

I am a pretty weak squatter. I can air squat pretty well but you throw some weight on a bar and it just hasn't happened for me yet. So this limits a lot of things for me. I also have trouble with heavy weight locked out overhead and as much as I love them, my clean still needs a lot of work. I'd love to be able to RX Grace but I'm not there yet. I just plan to improve by coming to the WODs where we focus on these skills. if I have to use a lower weight to work on quick elbows or getting out of a squat faster, then I will do that till they are super easy, I have the form down and feel comfortable increasing the weight. Once the wedding passes, I can come to strength more consistently too. I think my focus has been on metabolic conditioning the past 6 months and as that has improved, I feel like I have lost some strength which isn't good. So it's all a toss up I guess but I'd love to be a bit stronger.

Charles said...

Pretty much anything involving a squat. I need to just get the discipline to roll and do wall squats every day.

I also learned that I suck at the push jerk. That's the kind of thing that you just have to be patient with and well get over time.

But, there were two moves that I completely sucked at and have recently become at least competent at. Those are kipping pullups and double unders. My strategy for those was to find as many different instructional videos online as possible and to come to class 5-15 minutes early and practice them. One day, you just "get it".

Peterson said...

Someone needs to do a cover of that Shots song by Lil Jon and change it to Squats!


EDIT:Someone already has....



(I only watched the 1st half, it got REALLY annoying, VERY quickly. The 1st half seemed WFS)

And the boys in this video make my squats look awesome. Look at that depth! Oh wait, that's the opposite of depth.....

donkey said...

of the "basic" skills, pushups. Laura P was kind enough to share a document she got from a site that promises the ability to do 100 consecutive push ups in six weeks. it sounds...outrageous...but i'm giving it a shot. today was day 1. right now i can do 10 max strict chest to deck full plank. after that i get snaky. i don't want that.

there is a much longer list, next after this is probably dips. i imagine they're related tho.

karen largent said...

i'm with meighan... its not a movement. it's my brain! which is odd, because i feel like i was doing really well overcoming it, but in the past month, BAM.

Anonymous said...

To continue with the theme of this thread... my biggest weakness would have to a be the squat. One of the most basic and fundamental movements but I continue to be frustrated by my inability to string a reasonable bunch together and my fairly quick deterioration of form. Have been trying to focus on form and starting to do some tabata to get used to bunches of squats. My goal is to get to the point where I can do the 40 base line squats unbroken or do all the squats in Cindy unbroken.

Sam B.

Jeff said...

An interesting thread. For me, beyond continually needing to work on my kip (and a whole lot of other things), both muscle-ups and handstand pushups continue to elude me. I have not worked on them nearly enough, and hence I still cannot do either move. Like the kipping pull-up, I need to spend a few minutes prior to class working on each to get them down. I think the HSPU may be a bit easier than the muscle-up, so it looks like a lot of HSPU practice along with ring dips and transition practice in the near future.

Chris P. said...

6:30 "DB snatches are Evil"

Peterson 23:26 25#
Gary 26:55 rope pulls, 30#
Laura 14:25 Rx+ GHD
Ditty 28:50 2 climbs, 6 rope pulls
Rob P. 23:20 DUA, 25#
Kurt 19:58 1/2 rope climbs
Bob 20:12 DUA
Jerry 19:03 25# db snatch form
Kristen SB 23:08
Danny 21:45 3 climbs, 2 attempts, db snatch form
Howard 21:31 300 su, 20#, rope pulls
JB 22:27
Granny 16:51 Rx+ GHD
Charles 24:27 rope pulls, 20#
Shawn 20:58 db snatch form

Stephanie Vincent said...

Seth and Tim you totally need to make those your Facebook pictures right now!!

Laura Pappas said...

Hardest movements for me are ring dips, handstand pushups, any deadlift over 155#, rowing, the elusive muscle up...and all things strength. I'm doing wendler and focusing on going heavier in wods when I can, trying to do 5 rings dips every time I'm at the gym, doing the 100 push up thing (hoping this helps with the ring dips too), and doing handstand pushups too.
Practicing things every day has helped, the past couple of months I've been doing double unders and butterfly pullups, a little every time I come to the gym and I'm seeing the my effort pay off in my WODS.

Jen S. said...

Before Crossfit I had no upper body strength (according to myself)

So anything involving upper body strength, I feel, is a weakness for me. I am tired of getting held back by pushups so I decided to start the 100 pushup program in the beginning of the year. Tomorrow will be day 2 of week 4 for me. I think my pushups are getting better and I am getting closer to 30 unbroken. However, I have yet to try them out in a WOD.

Grip strength is something I continue to want to work on, especially after fracturing my right (dominent) hand last year.

But what I really need the most, I believe, is to work on my endurance and lung capacity. I have a tendancy during the day and during wods to not breathe. (sounds strange, I know) And I feel like I get tired quicker than I should. And cold dry air doesn't help. This is one thing I'm not sure how to fix.