W.O.D. 2.26.11

Monkey Business on the Ropes:
Seth, Sam and Jennifer S. have some climbing fun!


Kettlebell Swings (35#/55#)
Bottom to Bottom Air Squats

Rope Climb

Cash Out:
For time complete 5 Rope Climbs

Community Reminder:
We are offering FREE Vinyasa Yoga with Tori today at 1:00PM.

Vinyasa hatha practice is a more athletic sequence of yoga postures that are linked by vinyasas. The vinyasas demand more cardiovascular work from the body and the postures are stacked promoting strength in all muscle groups. This form of yoga practice also increases focus, propioceptive awareness (body-in-space) and is a geat method for training the "athlete's mind". In this particular class, we will focus on strengthening the core, opening the hip flexors and working stabilizer muscles from the feet up. Prior power yoga or flow yoga experience is encouraged but not necessary. Bring a mat, a towel, an open mind and a willingness to sweat.

The 2011 CrossFit Games are rapidly approaching. The Regional Boundaries have been announced - click here to read more. Click here to read more about Open Sectionals!

"I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice."
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Mike F: 32 (5 climbs)
Nicole S: 29 (1st rope climb!)
Killer B: 34 (1st rope climb!)
Kristen SB: 27
Jen N: 20
Sam B: 44 GHD (46 sec)
Gabe: 34
Jennifer: 43
Prem: 30
Cline: 28 (1st rope climb!)
Sarah J: 23
Vinny: 37 (58 sec)
Seth: 35 (50 sec)
Vincent: 33
Rachael: 29
Lindsey: 28 (1st rope climb!)
Peterson: 30
Ken: 23
Steph: 31
Dorothy: 33
Jenny: 35 GHD
Jessica: 31
Grans: 47 (1:06)
Gina: 26
Kathleen: 29
Todd: 31 GHD/70 (1:54)
Ditty: 29
Tim P: 38 GHD/70 (38 sec)
Laura: 35 GHD/45 (1:41)
Kailee: 34
P: 35 GHD (49 sec)
Ben: 25


Todd said...

Today was a fun one, quite a challenge. Thanks for everyone's support on the rope!

I wanted to mention one of my favorite things about crossfit. It's the 'oh by the way' factor. It is not mentioned a lot as an excuse, but represents one of the things that makes what we do so great.

It goes like this: I did not hit my PR on Eva today, but 'oh by the way' we did 5x5 max deadlifts 2 days ago. People talk about being sore from the prior workout, but nobody really makes the 'oh by the way' excuse, even though it may be a huge factor in missing a PR. That's what helps you grow both physically and mentally. It's also why recovery days are so important.

Anyone have thoughts?

Jason Lyons said...

Awesome effort this morning and 4 people up the rope for the first time. Go Lindsey, Nicole S, Cline and Killer B.

Also, good times on the bottom to bottom. Props to those that got through all of them.

Lots of good stuff this morning!

Jason Lyons said...

Also, monster props to the Queen Cate for her first two muscle ups.

donkey said...

Congrats, rope climbers and new tries! BIG UPS to the QUEEN! ALL HAIL!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the warm welcome to everyone at the 9:00 class. What a friendly, supportive, and hard working group you've got!
Come visit CFNE if you're ever in the area.

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Jenny- Sorry I missed you!!! Hope you had fun!

Big Congrats to queen Cate on her first MU!!! Video to follow shortly.

@ Vinny, Jason and Danny- you aren't far away from the MU, keep practicing!

@ Jim, from CF York! Thanks for joining us for the fun at 11!!!

Sarah J. said...

This was one of the best days I've had at Crossfit The workout was really hard, the attempts at rope climbs just as hard. But I have never felt as supported in anything as much as I did today. I feel beyond lucky to be a part of such an amazing community!!

Cline said...

Put an * next to my 28. Only did 3 of the 8 B2B rounds due to the fear of unleashing Hell in my short thanks to a Friday meal that did not agree with me.

The rope climb was fun, though.

Peterson said...


I'm glad you didn't give anyone a "rope climb surprise" while you were at the top....

Dorothy said...

Yay Cate! I am soooo happy for you. I know how hard you have been working for that.