W.O.D. 2.10.11



Donkey and Cate


Thrusters (95/65#)

(compare to 7.23.10)

Community Event:
Who's in for the Beast of the East in October 2011?
Click here to register. Post to comments if you are interested. I'd like to see some CFKoP representation at this great event!

"Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either."
- Albert Einstein

Steph: 9:18 (Bl)
Meghann: 11:13 (53G)
Patti: 9:21 (45MF)
Jay E: 7:44 (DC)
Tim G: 8:01 (75)
Tom S: 7:25 (Rx)
Bekah: 6:28 (45/G)
Donkey 9:37 (Rx)
Kara 7:20 (45/G)
Chris T. 9:13 (45/B)
Shoeless 12:40 (Rx)
Dorothy 8:27 (Rx)
Tony 6:25 (Rx)
Mel 8:30 (Rx)
Cate 5:28 (Rx)
Aimee 4:53 (Rx)
Nikki 3:49 (Rx)

PVC/Jumping Fran
Steph: 3:50
Meghann: 4:02
Patti: 3:53
Jay E: 3:43
Tim G: 3:36
Tom S: 3:29
Bekah 3:05
Donkey 2:59
Kara 3:35
Chris T. 3:52
Shoeless 4:24
Dorothy 3:08
Tony 4:39 (rx pullups)
Mel 2:44
Cate 2:39


Sandra said...

Hey Fellow KOP Crossfitters!

Need some advice!

Last week (Monday) I bonked my head really good and ended up with a concussion.. I’m still not feeling great so my doctor advised me to not workout till next week (Tuesday) and then to start light. Does anybody have a clue how I could do this with crossfit? Sometimes even the warm-ups are hard. ;]

Also if anyone has any sage advice as to how to recover from this darn thing (exercise, or nutrition) I’d love to hear it. I’m getting really frustrated and want to get back to the gym.

Thanks all!


Dorothy said...

Unfortunately with concussions, they mostlyjust take time. You can't really hurry them. Be patient and use this opportunity to do some mobility work.

You're going to have to listen to your body and take it easy when you feel like you need to.

Melanie said...

Hi Sandy,
First off, ouchie! I am sorry to hear how bad you bonked yourself. I agree with Dorothy. You essentially have a bruise on your brain so there isn't much you can do to speed up the healing process. You really need to rest and when your doctor clears you, listen to your body. If you feel any symptoms at all (dizziness, headache, flashes of light, nausea,- you know the typical things you feel after a WOD), you need to stop immediately and take more time off. Concussions can take weeks even months to heal and can take longer if you've had one before. I think working on mobility is a great idea, working with PVC, or light weight where you aren't bearing down too hard is a good idea. Take this time to work on skills and form. I know you worked really hard on those handstands but now might not be the time to do those! Also, I am sure you told him already but describe what we do again to your doctor and ask him how hard you are able to push yourself. Hang in there!

Todd said...

Sandy, sorry to hear; in addition to rest, try to hydrate as much as possible.

Jason Lyons said...


First, I am sure all of the coaches read the blog but make sure you tell them regardless. I have had a concussion before and it can be scary...granted, when I had one I was the king of all coach potatos so it was pretty hard to do as the doctor prescribed.

I think the person that will know best is your body. I would surely start light and at low intensity and build back up to it and if you experience any of the things that Mel pointed out, stop immediately.

During an injury, it is a perfect time to work on form. I had people do Fran today with a PVC pipe and jumping pull-ups, ask them if it is was hard. Half were sitting on boxes saying thanks for the workout.

Always listen to your body and follow MCI, not the exist phone company but mechanics, consistency and then intensity.

Jason Lyons said...

Community note:

Please remember that the scores on the leader board are all as prescribed. We go by the white board and sometimes errornous names are copied. If you see your name on the board and know that you did not Rx the workout, please let one of us know. Thanks.

Danny said...

WOD from yesterday note:

My boobs are sore

Sandra said...

Hey all thanks for all the kind words and advice (and text messages!). I really appreciate it, you guys are the best. When I come back I'll make sure to let my coaches know and then spend some time with the good old pvc. I'll have to remember to listen to my body. I have a history of being stubborn and wanting to do what everybody else is doing, so I'm going to have to keep myself in check for the next few weeks. ;]

Thanks again all! <8

steph v said...

i know first hand how hard it is to do something different than everyone else. when i had knee surgery i had to do it for four months. At first is sucked but then like in the wod I was able to accept the suck...and i got through it. I learned a lot about letting go of ego and improved my upper body strength. have faith in what the experience will teach you. And I agree with everyone...listen to your body it will give you cues as to what you should or should not be doing!!

karen largent said...

I checked the Beast of the East site, and am interested, but they don't mention if its for all abilities, or just elite? Either way, I'd be up for a chance to cheer on if I can't enter.

Anonymous said...

karen....im pretty sure the beast of the east is "elite" but someon correct me if I am wrong.

I would consider volunteering to be a judge (i'll have my L1 by then!!)/cheerleader, if other people are going!

Peterson said...

Karen: "Events in The Beast of the East will not be scaled."

Steph: If you are judging and they are doing pullups, does the whole head need to go on top of the bar? :-P

Stephanie Vincent said...

Peterson actually I will judge the standard by standing under the bar and them having to play peekaboo with me as they pop there whole face over. No rep bitches!

Jen Naspinski said...


I've actually had 4 concussions in my life and some serious enough that I missed work.

In my experience, I knew I wasn't well enough to go back to my regular routine if when I closed my eyes in the shower, it felt like I was in a boat and/or if I tried to stand on one leg with my eyes closed.

They really affected my equilibrium, so I'd say make sure you feel really solid before having to balance anything. I remember trying to get back to being able to run and just doing that made me feel unsteady.

How they all happened are some entertaining stories for another time and consider myself an expert on all the weird symptoms one can get.

Hope you feel better soon!

Meighan said...

Is anyone interested in doing the MS Mud Run on June 11th? I did it last year and it was alot of fun. Def best to get in an early heat so I was thinking 9:30am....

Let me know. Thanks!!

Jason Lyons said...

i got 5:52. I guess it was Rx as no one said anything to me....and you all have permission to do so if you see me slacking.

Nikki said...

Jason - it was Rx! Great job!