W.O.D. 2.14.11

Happy Birthday Danny

5 Rounds:
Max Body-Weight deadlifts
2 minute rest between rounds

Your score is the number of deadlifts you pull in all five rounds. Try to maintain your sprint times!

Coaches Note:
In this workout, you are supposed to SPRINT directly to your bar and begin working. Do not slow down coming in the door and walk to your bar...do not stop for chalk...do not try to catch your breath before lifting. SPRINT to your bar and IMMEDIATELY begin doing deadlifts. The purpose of this Litvis to get you used to lifting weight when breathing is difficult. Your two minutes of rest begins when you put the bar down.

Mobility Monday:
In the mobility class today at 5:30 and 6:30PM we'll work on hip flexibility, using bands and balls to work out the kinks and increase range of motion. Bring any concerns and questions!

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."
Pablo Picasso

Mike S: 28
Jerry: 80
Miranda: 43
Rob Pl: Ouchie-booboo
Shoeless: 60
Ironman: 29
Kate: 66
Ditty: 18
Melinda: 41
Danny: 92
Donkey: 41 (row)
Vinny: 79
Tim G: 46
JZ: 62
Brian R: 64
Gabe: 56
Kevin: 40
Olan: 73
Megs: 47
Sam B: 56
Dominic: 86 (axle)
Mike T: 56

Bob: 99
Jen N: 52
Sheng-Ching: 36
Jeff Hi: 79
Kelly: 117
Jessica S: 56
Kara: 38 (row)
Pat: 35
Sharon: 37
Rachael: 50
Rob Ph: 36

the aftermath
The snow is melting, it's time to run!


Melanie said...

Happy birthday Danny! Hope you have a great day!

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

Happy birthday Danny!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Enjoy your day!!!

shoeless said...

Happy birthday Danny! I'm loving our Saturday team wods, you bring a lot of energy and really push everyone.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Danny! It's been great getting to know you and getting to work out with you. You're a monster! Keep up the great work and enjoy your special day!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Danny!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Danny! Hope you have a great one. you always bring a great intensity to the wods.

Sam B.

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Danny. It is always great to work out with you.

Kristen SB said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! Enjoy your day!

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Have a a great day!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Hope it's awesome!

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday dude. i disagree with everyone. you pretty much suck. lol. kidding....

on a more serious note, this is the hardest workout i have ever done. have fun with this one. you want to puke picking up the barbell. nice. make sure you sprint to the barbell and begin immediately!

Peterson said...

Happy b day danny.

Charles said...

Happy Birthday Danny!

Tim H said...

happy birthday Danny!

Kristin T. said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Have fun! I will have a shot for you in Switzerland (paleo tequila of course)!

Chris P. said...

Danny/Greg Amundson,

Happy birthday man, I appreciate your enthusiasm for CrossFit and your humble nature. When you get excited about a WOD or result, you light up like a kid, it's very fun to be around you and your strong efforts.

TP said...

Danny does kind of look like Greg Admunson..... Happy bday have a great day.

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Danny - hope you have a great one, not sure I'm going to make the WOD tonight - did a little too much this weekend. Keep up the good work and the Paleo eating :)

Chris P. said...

Greg A. picture: http://www.crossfitemeraldcoast.com/2008/04/celebrities.html

(in case you don't know which one, he's the guy that looks like Danny)

Danny said...

@ Everyone- Thanks for the birthday wishes!

@ Everyone- Happy Valentine's Day!

@ Everyone- I am going to 4:30pm...YAY 31 BURPEES!!!

TP said...

630pm Results

Mike S 6/6/5/6/5=28
Jerry 18/15/15/12/20=80
Miranda 8/8/7/10/10=43
Rob Pl Ouchie-booboo

Bob 21/12/21/22/23=99
Jen N 10/10/10/10/12=52
Sheng-Ching 6/6/6/6/6=36

All classes, did a solid job of fighting the wind, and not being complainers. Great effort.